Behr Announces Its 2021 Color Trends Palette

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The paint company’s 2021 color trends palette is finally here, and we can’t decide which is our favorite!

The coronavirus has changed the way we live, from our relationship with our family to our relationship with our home. Since the world is on quarantine, we have been spending more time in improving our homes than ever before to make it feel pleasant and productive.

So to bring “elevated comfort” into your home, Behr just announced its 2021 Color Trends Palette, and we’re so excited to show you the six color themes: Casual Comfort, Calm Zone, Subtle Focus, Quiet Haven, Optimistic View, and Outdoor Escape.

This has been a year of unpredictability and 2020 has significantly changed our relationship with our home. When our color team began exploring a palette for the coming year, we knew it needed to be grounded in what we’ve been craving: comfort and personalization,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color at Behr.


However, let us add that these colors aren’t just comfortable, but they’re elegant stylish too. “A new, elevated articulation of comfort goes beyond traditional beige, gray, and green hues, and embraces color in a way that can redefine and enhance any type of space inside or outside the home,” Woelfel added.

Since it’s going to be 2021 in just a few months, the palette Behr decided on is composed of 21 unique shades, ranging from gentle neutrals to energizing bolds. Additionally, to show how these 2021 color trends palette can be used in real homes, Behr has teamed up with 21 color-loving influencers for its “21 Days, 21 Colors, 21 Projects” program, wherein for the next three weeks, the creative influencers will share DIY projects featuring a color from the palette on social media, using #21DaysOfColor. From entire room renovations to small-scale updates, these projects will give you major inspo for your home.

Read on to learn more about the six color themes of Behr’s 2021 color trends palette.


Casual Comfort

The perfect color palette to paint your home if you want an earthy yet refined vibe. The casual comfort theme focuses on light warm neutrals and whites to create an inviting feeling in entryways, kitchens, and open living spaces. It’s like an updated take on the casual farmhouse interior style.


Calm Zone

Calm Zone theme focuses on soothing blues and greens, such as jojoba, royal orchard, dayflower, and jean jacket blue from Behr’s 2021 color trends palette, to create a restorative escape offering ease and solace.


Subtle Focus

If you’re a fan of pastels, you’ll surely love the Subtle Focus theme, which features light hues like wishful green, seaside villa, and cellini gold, to create a sophisticated and inviting space.


Quiet Haven

Obviously, this theme is the opposite of Subtle Focus because it focuses on deep hues that create a peaceful oasis, which is perfectly fit for traditional and maximalist style.


Optimistic View

Add a touch of playful fun to your home with Behr’s eclectic Optimistic View theme. Trust us, it will instantly lift the mood in any space, making it great for home offices, entryways, kitchens, kid’s bedroom, or dark empty corner of your home.


Outdoor Escape

Bring color and life outside your home this coming 2021 with the Outdoor Escape theme. It’s perfectly suited for outdoor projects like doors, siding, trim, and furniture pieces for outdoor living.

We gotta admit that we’re in love with Behr’s 2021 Color Trends Palette. With its 21 unique shades, the paints can be used not only to walls but also to furniture pieces, ceilings, doors, and trim. “I think people are bringing in the color right now that makes them happy,” says Woelfel.

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