Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 is Aegean Teal

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Balanced, deeply soothing, and intriguing. The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021, Aegean Teal, is the perfect color for your home this fall and winter.

There’s no denying that 2020 robbed all of us the freedom and serenity, but it seems like Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 will give us a much-needed sense of natural calm that we all need to end the year right and to celebrate a fresh start. Aegean Teal is the color chosen by Benjamin Moore for 2021. It’s a beautifully muted jewel color that looks like a rich blend of blue-green and gray. Trust us, it will make you want to pick up a paintbrush and repaint all your cabinets and kitchen space. It can actually work perfectly in any room of your home.

According to Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development of Benjamin Moore, in an interview with Architectural Digest, “We were gravitating towards colors that had this organic, natural, rooted sensibility. It has presence [and] personality—you’re drawn to it. It has that soothing feeling that we’re looking for; it’s uplifting.” She also calls the shade “a bridge between cooler colors and warmer colors.”

As we have mentioned that Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 Aegean Teal works perfectly in any room of your home, but it looks especially stunning when paired with white kitchen cabinets for contrast. However, if you’re not ready for a full-room makeover, we suggest that you can repaint furniture pieces, such as a side table or storage cabinet.

Aegean Teal joins 11 other shades of Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2021 palette. Magno explained that they all have this sunbaked quality. It’s almost like you left them out in the sun, and they ripened. Plus, the great news is they all play well together. For example, Aegean Teal can be paired with Chestertown Buff, Gray Cashmere, or Rosy Peach since it’s soft enough that it can complement bolder shades.

Magno says, “The warm, ‘lived-in’ quality of the 12 hues within the palette has a lot of resonance with the post-pandemic home, specifically the need for comfort and moments of joy. Aegean Teal invites us all to take a moment to reflect and reset.

So don’t be afraid to incorporate Aegean Teal into your home. Trust us, Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 Aegean Teal is a super versatile and modern color that will make your home feel even more like home. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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