7 Best Laundry Room Colors to Upgrade the Space

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These calming, clean, and energizing laundry room colors will definitely make the space shine!

We all indeed love the look of a closet filled with perfectly folded sheets and the smell of fresh laundry, but let’s face it, no one likes the actual task of doing dirty laundry (except for Monica Geller). It’s not that we hate it, but we’d rather clean the entire space than deal with baskets of dirty laundry. Why? The answer is pretty simple: it’s a boring task. However, no matter how much we dislike laundry day, we still need to wash and dry clothes.

So why not get the chore done soothingly and stylishly by repainting your laundry room with these energizing laundry room colors? Make it a space where you will enjoy folding clothes and spending time. Get ready to bring out your brush, roll up your sleeves, and spruce up your laundry room!

Bold Green

A bold green or a rich green is one of the laundry room colors that can add a lot of personality to the space since it’s both unique and versatile.

Bright Blue

A crisp bright blue shade can create a clean, cool atmosphere in your laundry room. Plus, it adds a bit of happy energy, and it looks great with other colors, such as classic white and smoky gray.

Cheery Yellow

A bright, happy color like yellow is one of the laundry room colors that can instantly cheer up your laundry room! The vibrant color works well with either black, gray, or white shades.

Easy Breezy White

You can never go wrong with white! If you need to give your laundry room some warmth or to lighten up the space, white is a perfect choice!

Gorgeous Gray

Gray is always a lovely alternative to white because it can open up a small laundry room. Plus, it also adds a lot of personality and texture.

Pretty Sage

Sage is one of the laundry room colors that can make the room look inviting and soft Plus, it pairs beautifully with brass.

Stunning Black

Black is one of the laundry room colors that can instantly make the space feel edgy & elegant and somehow still clean. Pair it with a gold faucet and cabinet hardware.

Improve your laundry room with these soothing and stylish laundry room colors! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy painting!

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