Life of an Interior Designer: Brit Arnesen on Her Desert Deco Style, Gaining Confidence as a Designer, and Her Proudest Professional Accomplishment

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Odds are, you might have come across one of Brit Arnesen’s, aka britdotdesign, dreamy and edgy DIY and vibrant work, which has been featured in different interior websites. As part of our series, Life of an Interior Designer, Brit Arnesen opened up about her childhood interest in interior design, her favorite career highlight thus far, and her passion for Desert Deco style.

As a child, Brit Arnesen has always appreciated art and beautiful spaces because of her mom and great-grandmother’s influences. However, she didn’t pursue interior design from the get-go. When it came time for college, Brit decided to pursue teaching and ultimately ended up working as an educator for three years after receiving her degree. Although she lost her way a little bit from the design path, Brit got to rekindle her passion for interior design when she had her kids and quit teaching. It all began with simple documentation of their fixer-upper on Instagram, which eventually led to the biggest highlight of her career.

2021 is an eventful year for Brit. Last spring, she hit a major career milestone. Amid the pandemic, she was a featured designer for the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge by Better Homes & Gardens, along with well-known designers like Pennies for a Fortune and This Is Simplicite. Brit enjoys creating something from nothing, which is gradually causing her name and work as one of the aces in the DIY and interior design field. Though she sees herself as a content creator first, DIY aficionado second, there is no doubt that Brit is one of the rising millennial design stars.

We spoke with the not-your-basic DIY buff and designer, Brit Arnesen, on her early influences, her passion for Desert Deco style, and the secret behind her successful career.

On Her Early Influences

Yes! When I was little, I used to rearrange my bedroom all the time. I’d have everything placed on my dresser just so and could always tell if someone moved something an inch. My mom’s an artist, so I’d watch her draw and paint and decorate our home. I think that obviously influenced me, but I also just had a natural appreciation for aesthetically pleasing spaces. My great-grandparents’ home was impeccably decorated.

My great-grandma Lil was young during the 1920s, and she just had this certain je ne sais quoi in the way she dressed and designed her home. I always loved wandering around and looking at everything she had when I was little. It’s one of my earliest memories of being in awe of a beautiful space.”

On Her Entry Into the Design Field

Somewhat! I’ve always been artistic and interested in interior design and architecture. At one point, I thought I wanted to be an architect, and I actually got into grad school for interior design in my mid-20s but never went. I ultimately ended up going to grad school for teaching and doing that for three years after school. It was only when I had my kids and quit teaching that I started documenting the ongoing renovations on our fixer-upper and sharing them on Instagram. That’s what led me to where I am today as a content creator.”

On Her Desert Deco Style

My design style is what I like to call Desert Deco. It’s a little bit organic, mostly neutral with hints of desert tones and natural wood throughout, but then also Art Deco influenced: my fave era of design. Someone said my style is like a little bit 1960s Palm Springs, a little bit 1980s Miami. Pretty interesting way to describe it!

On Adding a Dose of Whimsy to Her Work

Unintentionally! I just tend to be drawn to things that speak to me for whatever reason and that usually works out.

On Her Proudest Professional Accomplishment

Being a featured designer for the 2021 Spring One Room Challenge. It was such an honor to be chosen out of all the guest designers by Better Homes & Gardens for my ORC design last spring.

On Her Secret as a Successful Designer

The confidence to put yourself out there and do your thing as no one else can.

Brit Arnesen is excited to continue and expand britdotdesign. We are enthusiastic to see her create more comfortable, functional, and stylish interiors, as well! What do you think of Brit’s design story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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