5 Christmas Trends That Will Be Popular This 2021

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Transform your home for the holidays with the biggest and merriest Christmas trends this 2021.

We’re always on the hunt for holiday trends every year. You can’t blame us if we’re a bunch of Buddy the Elf, but Christmas is indeed the most wonderful and exciting time of the year! Think of sparkling Christmas lights, decorating the tree, baking cookies, spending cozy time at home with family and friends, and opening presents! What else could you ask for?

So this year, we’re more excited because of the Christmas trends that will give us nostalgia and remind us of our childhood. You may already have a clue about the Christmas trends this year, but some of the trends will still surprise you. We’ve sourced the Christmas trends this 2021 from Instagram, Pinterest, and design experts.

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Farmhouse Neutrals

Good news to our farmhouse décor lovers because farmhouse neutrals will be taking over the classic red and green Christmas décor. According to Google Trends, searches for farmhouse Christmas ideas are soaring up to 400% over the last five years. Yes, you don’t have to decorate your home with reds and greens, you can choose to keep it simple and merry with natural wood tones, neutral Christmas décor, white, and black.

Inexpensive Décor

One of the Christmas trends this year is to keep everything practical and within the budget, which means you don’t have to go broke just to get into the holiday spirit. You can actually decorate your home with old Christmas décor or inexpensive DIY Christmas décor.

More Is More

Experts say that people are going all out this year, which only means one thing: the more Christmas décor, the ho-ho-ho merrier!

Nostalgic Décor

One of the Christmas trends we absolutely love is the nostalgic décor. This pandemic made us appreciate so many things, like our family, friends, health, and the small things in life. We’re open arms and fully embracing the nostalgic Christmas décor that reminds us of happy and warm childhood memories spent.

Recycled Materials

We’re not only going green with the Christmas décor, but we’re also going green with wrapping gifts. Instead of using paper, more people are learning how to wrap gifts with a cloth or with eco-friendly packaging. Let’s all go green this holiday season.

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