Get Inspired With These 6 Color Blocking Ideas for a Chic & Vibrant Home

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Get inspired with these clever color blocking ideas that will definitely add a little something extra to your home.

Color is powerful. Choosing the right paint color can make or break a room. It can make your space feel brighter and more inspiring. If you want to do some subtle toning in your home, you can create accent walls, allover color, or whatever combination of unexpected colors you choose to transform your space.

This 2020, we have seen a lot of homeowners paint arches in their homes, such as a DIY painted arch headboard or highlighting a bar cart or shelving unit in an entryway. Since we have seen it a million times everywhere, design experts predict that it’s time to try another style of color blocking, like scalloped edges to break up the top of your wall from the bottom. Plus, these new color blocking ideas are a great décor tactic to add a little color and style to your space.

Dine With Style

Match your dining room’s floor color to the walls by painting the lower third of the wall with bold paint color and pair it with a neutral shade above to create a feeling of loftiness, or you can go for the opposite, like a neutral paint color for the floor and vibrant color for the ceiling and upper wall.

Go Neutral

One of the color blocking ideas millennials and minimalists would love! The neutral color-blocked walls by Mani of Afro Bohemian Living proved that the combination of light beige paint color and warm white can make a subtle-yet-impactful effect in this dining space. It’s also a great décor tactic to highlight statement pieces in the room.


Make Waves

Color blocking is not limited to arches or straight lines. In this bedroom, designed by Bre Purposed, a half-painted scalloped wall design added a little extra fun and femininity to her daughter’s big girl room. It’s also an easy way to add character and some charm to a space!

Mix and Match

One of the color blocking ideas we will be seeing a lot in the upcoming year is to mix and match with wallpaper. Get creative with patterned wallpaper and match it with vibrant colors. The combination would look perfect in an entryway or small powder room or an awkward and empty corner of your home.

Say It With Stripes

Get inspired with Home by Polly‘s understated color blocking style on her entryway. She went with gray for her faux chair rail and gold stripe about a half-inch above the gray paint color to add a little something extra and to create contrast. To complete the look, Paula paired the playful accent wall with the blush-colored door.

The key to achieving this well-done color-blocked accent wall is a sharp line. After you’ve outlined your faux chair rail with painters’ tape, simply add a second row about a half-inch or so on top of the first line. Then, paint directly.

Use Different Shades of the Same Color

Color blocking doesn’t have to be all about crazy colors. You can use different shades of the same color for an elegant space or a muted, yet cheerful space. You can also go with a complementary pairing for more contrast, like this bedroom by B&Q.

We hope that these color blocking ideas will take your walls and space to a whole new level. We predict that it will be 2021’s must-have interior trend, especially for contemporary and traditional homes. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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