Interior Design Experts Predict the 6 Color Trends for 2021

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Create a home where you can feel comfortable, recharge, and relax by considering these color trends for 2021 on your next home makeover project.

If there’s one good thing that happened this 2020, it’s the year wherein we learned some valuable lessons and rediscovered our love for the place we call home. Since there were plenty of canceled events and vacations, many of us begin investing within our own four walls (five if you count the ceiling), slowly transforming our homes into a creative and balanced space where we can blend live, play, and work. For example, designing a chic and functional home office or a cozy bedroom for quality hibernation.

Because of this, paint giants from Behr to Sherwin-Williams predicts that the color trends for 2021 will be inspired by soothing neutrals that provides a sense of calm, familiarity, and normalcy. However, bright and cheery colors are part of the color trends for 2021 too!

Bright and Cheery Hues

Lauren Lowe of Lauren Elaine Interiors shared in an interview with Veranda that sunny hues will definitely be part of the color trends for 2021. “We have been gravitating towards a lot of yellows lately. We organize our textile library by color and have noticed that our ‘yellows’ basket has been growing! We are loving soft yellows used as a neutral or as an accent to pretty blues and ochre and mustard block prints paired with earthy tones. We would love to see a room painted a soft yellow with lots of stained antique case pieces and layered with collections and treasures.”

Happy Yet Calming Palette

Jeffry Weisman of Fisher Weisman predicts that happy and optimistic colors will brighten up 2021. He added that drab and somber will fall by the wayside, giving way to brighter neutrals and clear colors.

It’s a perfect palette for your home office to spark creativity. You can decorate the walls with antiques and unique art for that fabulous Zoom background!

Inspired by Nature

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve rediscovered our love for nature, and we tried to bring the outdoors in by building a houseplant collection or a small sunroom. One of the color trends for 2021 that you will be seeing reflects nature’s hues, such as deep blues, moss green, and rich chocolate brown. We are slowly gravitating towards warm, rich colors that give a sense of comfort, coziness, and safety.

A perfect example would be this spacious mossy green laundry room designed by Andrew Howard. Paired with floral wallpaper and plenty of fresh blooms, he was able to create a comforting and cozy space.

Jewel Tones

Allison Caccoma of Allison Caccoma shared in an interview with Veranda that jewel tone colors to clear and vivid palettes, such as lacquered Fuschia, will be one of the color trends for 2021. She added, “Given the amount of unexpected time we have all spent in our homes this year, and given our need for finding feel-good happiness, I truly believe 2021 will be all about refreshing and reinvigorating color. There has been no lack of colorful spirit from interior designers over the past few years, and I believe that trend will continue. Look for everything from jewel-tone colors to clear and vivid palettes to create a visually stimulating home!

Tip: Bold jewel-tone colors and vivid palettes are perfect for small spaces because it adds character, and it makes the room look visually appealing.

Neutral Walls

Classic colors will be taking over homes in 2021. Think of a neutral palette with subtle warm undertones to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, designer Kesha Franklin of Halden Interiors predicts that neutrals in taupe and warm whites are making a comeback as one of the color trends for 2021 since it’s the perfect backdrop for colorful, bold art.

Vibrant Interior

Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan interiors believes that the resurgence of rich, saturated hues will continue in 2021. She added, “From jewel tones, like ruby and sapphire, to earthy shades, like cypress and saffron, designers and homeowners won’t shy away from interiors lavishly swathed in color.”

Designer Alessandra Branca perfectly showed the color trend by incorporating lively red & a pop of blue with muted colors to create a cozy yet energizing space.

The six brilliant color trends for 2021 goes perfectly well for every type of style. Even though there is no guarantee that 2021 is going to be pandemic free, we hope that these colors will help you create a comforting and relaxing space that will encourage & uplift your mood and spark creativity & energy.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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