Leave Behind These 5 Dated Interior Trends in 2021

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Start a new chapter by saying goodbye to these dated interior trends in 2021.

Trends come and go, whether it’s fashion or interior décor. After being cooped up in our homes for the past two years, it’s (finally) time to move on and start a new chapter again in 2022. Interior experts share the dated interior trends we should all be leaving behind this year and the design trends that will replace them in the new year.

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Boho Style

We all love boho style! Who would say no to fuzzy blankets, plants, and a comfy space? So we’re quite surprised that we have to leave boho style as we head into 2022. Some designers are over boho style and switching to a more polished interior like Modern Parisian or New Minimalist.

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Everything White

No matter how many times we say we’re leaving the white-on-white trend, it’s somehow impossible to leave this design trend behind, but designers are so over it! Expect by 2022, homes will have a bit of statement color and striking elements that make the space feel more homey and lived-in, like the Maximalist style. Experts share that décor enthusiasts are leaning towards bold colors that’ll add warmth and coziness to their homes.

If you still can’t say goodbye to the white-on-white trend, especially in your kitchen, it’s best to add pops of colors to make the space feel inviting, like a colorful backsplash, installing wood shelves, or painting the kitchen cabinets.

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Farmhouse Style

One of the dated interior trends we’ve been trying to say goodbye to since 2020 is the farmhouse décor. The farmhouse interior lasted for years, but just like the boho style, we’re leaving the farmhouse look as we enter 2022. However, if you just can’t let go of the farmhouse style, it’s best to add some personality to spruce up the look, like a rug with a dramatic pattern, pillows with bold colors, or a statement art as the focal point of the room.


Harsh Lines

One of the biggest interior trends in 2022 is curved furniture and organic shapes that create a soft and gentle ambiance in the space. Harsh lines and layouts will be replaced with round, organic shapes, like poufs and tables with rounded corners.

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Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is one of the interior trends that continue to rise in popularity, but in 2022, we’re saying goodbye to the “less is more” idea and replacing it with the 80s, 90s, and maximalist style. You’ll see more natural materials, local designs, sculptural shapes, and a more Wabi-sabi feel in the space, as well. Experts also share that if you can’t let go of the minimalist trend, you can mix it up with traditional décor to make the space feel warm and inviting.


Neutral Outdoor Spaces

While neutral outdoor spaces look great this year, we’re including this style in our dated interior trends in 2021. No more gray and stainless look! Instead, we’re looking forward to vibrant and cheery outdoor spaces decorated with jewel tones. Plus, let’s not forget the plants to freshen and brighten up the space!

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