7 Tips to Flawlessly Decorate With Antiques in Modern Spaces

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Fill your home with character with these tips on how to decorate with antiques in modern spaces.

So we’ve got some news: vintage pieces or antiques are becoming popular again. The traditional interior has been rising in popularity since more people are looking for ways to incorporate comfort and something familiar into their homes. As the traditional interior is slowly entering the spotlight, so is antique furniture. However, not all of us know how to decorate with antiques, especially if your home has a modern interior style. So some of us would either keep it to collect dust or sell it, but did you know that vintage pieces or antique furniture add so much character to your space?

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We personally love antique furniture because it’s unique. It’s something that you won’t find in any stores anymore. Plus, it has a story to tell. Not to mention, antique furniture goes well with any interior style. So if you’re convinced that it’s time to finally take out your great-grandmother’s dresser, here are tips on how you can flawlessly mix and decorate with antiques in modern spaces!

Blend Antiques With Reproductions

Decorate real antiques with reproductions, which means a piece of furniture that’s made to look like an antique. It’s visually interesting since both pieces create a beautiful juxtaposition side by side. Balance the look by adding décor accents, such as ceramics, tray, and plants.

Combine Antiques With Contemporary Décor

One of the interesting ways to decorate with antiques in modern spaces is to pair them with contemporary décor. It creates an eclectic style to your home and a unique feel to the space, rather than something that looks ordinary and common.

Make a Statement

Antique furniture is show-stoppers that you don’t need to mix with other décor pieces because it creates a statement on its own. Be sure that it goes perfectly well with other pieces in the space to make it look balanced.

Mix Antiques From Different Styles & Eras

Mixing antiques from different styles and eras makes the space look more eclectic and brimming with personality. You could create a modern boho interior or modern eclectic interior in your space with this technique.

Old Meets New

A modern artwork will create a timeless look when placed above a piece of antique furniture. It makes the space look balanced and visually pleasing. Mix old and new pieces is one of our tips to decorate with antiques in modern spaces to create a bit of edge and to make your home look fresh and well-proportioned.

Repurpose Antiques

If you have a piece of antique furniture that doesn’t really blend well with your home’s décor pieces, we suggest repurposing it instead of throwing it out. You could repaint it and style it to make it blend with your home’s style.

Use Antiques as Accent Pieces

Keep it subtle and decorate your antique furniture with other decor pieces of your home, like a coffee table or entryway bench. It might still stand out from the rest of your decor pieces, so we suggest pairing it with decor that has a contrasting color to make the space look balanced.

Decorate with antiques in modern spaces with these tips and create a curated look in your home with loads of unique character that will definitely never go out of style. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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