6 DIY Dehumidifier Ideas for Your Home

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Experiencing some extra moisture in your home? Try these DIY dehumidifier ideas to trap moisture and dry out the air.

A store-bought dehumidifier is the most effective solution to dry out the air of your home. However, if it’s not one of your options, there are easy DIY dehumidifier ideas that will help you trap the moisture and dry out the air in your home. These ideas are all budget-friendly and easy to do!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the easiest DIY dehumidifier ideas that’ll work best in small spaces, like your closet or cabinet. Place a bowl of baking soda in the area or spot you’d like to dehumidify. Baking soda will harden as it absorbs the moisture in the area. Make sure to replace it with fresh baking soda from time to time.


Calcium Chloride

Did you know that calcium chloride makes an excellent dehumidifier? Similar to baking soda, it absorbs moisture in the air. Calcium chloride can be sued in fairly large rooms, like bathrooms or the basement. Simply place calcium chloride in an old sock, then tie it with a piece of string. Hang the sock in the area or room where you’d like to remove the moisture. Place a large bowl underneath to catch any water that will flow off the sock.


Charcoal is one of the cheapest DIY dehumidifier ideas that many of us learned from our moms or grandparents. It’s suitable for small areas, like your closet, basement, attic, or bathroom. Place either a bowl of charcoal in the space where you’d like to remove moisture or place the charcoal inside a can to conceal it. Replace it with new charcoal every few months to start the dehumidifying process again.


Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

You might be surprised that non-dairy coffee creamer makes a great dehumidifier in small areas of your home, like the closet or bedroom. Fill a bowl with non-dairy coffee creamer and place it in the area you’d want to dehumidify. Just like baking soda, the coffee creamer will harden as it absorbs moisture. Replace it with a fresh non-dairy coffee creamer to start the dehumidifying process again.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is the most popular DIY dehumidifier that many of us have in our kitchen cabinets. Rock salt is perfect for absorbing moisture out of the air. Similar to calcium chloride, place a large bag of rock salt in a bucket. Make sure to drill the bucket with holes to let the water out. Then place another bucket underneath to collect water.

Silica Gel

We are familiar with silica gel. Those small packs in shoe boxes and containers might collect moisture. Place a jar of silica gel in the place you’d like to dehumidify. Make sure to keep it out of reach from your pets and kids. Replace it with new silica gels every few weeks.

If you want to dry out the air in your home, bathroom, or closet, try one of these easy DIY dehumidifier ideas!

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