10 Fresh Eco-Friendly Christmas Décor Ideas

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Get into the holiday spirit without creating extra waste with these eco-friendly Christmas décor ideas. You’ll be definitely on Santa’s nice list.

We’re all excited to take out boxes of holiday décor and to turn our homes into a Christmas village, sparkling with lights and ornaments. However, did you know that some Christmas decorations are harmful to the environment? Every year, thousands to millions of décor end up in landfills where it damages the environment. So this year, following the pandemic, we’re decking the halls with chic and eco-friendly Christmas décor ideas!

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DIY Wreath

One of the eco-friendly Christmas décor ideas you can do at home is to create your own Christmas wreath with items you already have. For example, a wreath made of Bundt-pan, old Christmas ornaments, finished with a bright ribbon looks eye-catching.

Eco-Friendly Gift Bags

If you have bulky gifts that are impossible to be wrapped nicely, it’s best to choose reusable gift bags. Just like Santa, decorate an inexpensive pillowcase with ribbons, reindeer patches, and tie it up with twine and small ornaments.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Similar to reusable gift bags, wrap your gifts in recyclable paper-like eco-friendly Kraft paper or honeycomb paper. Tie it with twine and decorate it with a candy cane or greenery.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Décor Ideas

Get Inspired With Nature

Mother Nature is one of the best inspirations to decorate your home for the holidays. Lay fragrant evergreen boughs on a window sill or across your mantle, recycle a clear plastic container and fill it with pinecones, or collect some branches and repaint them in white, gold, or silver, then place them in a vase.

Give New Life to Old Christmas Ornaments

Instead of buying new ornaments for the holidays, why don’t you breathe new life into your old Christmas ornaments by revamping them? Take out your craft box and repaint them or make them shine again with glitter!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Décor Ideas

Plantable Christmas Cards

Did you know that you can send your family and friends plantable Christmas cards? It’s the perfect way to greet your friends who are plant enthusiasts. Plantable Christmas cards have seeds embedded into their design. Simply plant the card in some soil, water it, and wait for it to grow.


Put Wrapping Paper Scraps to Good Use

If you have remaining wrapping papers left, take the scarps and turn them into bows or little gift notes/tags.

Rent a Christmas Tree

One of the eco-friendly Christmas décor ideas we absolutely love is to rent a tree for the season. The best part is once the holidays are over, you can arrange to have your tree picked up and replanted so it can keep growing. Isn’t that awesome?

Reusable Advent Calendar

Create your own advent calendar by filling up pouches with treats, candies, or little gifts.

Use LED Lights

While it’s true that LED lights are a bit pricey compared to incandescent lights, they are actually eco-friendly, and they last up to 25 times longer! Plus, you save at least 75% energy. That’s huge savings for you this holiday season.

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