5 Quick & Simple Fall Décor Tips According to Liz Marie Galvan

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Welcome the season with these fall décor tips according to Liz Marie Galvan.

Whenever we think of cozy and fall, the first designer we would immediately think of is Liz Marie Galvan of Liz Marie Blog. She has perfected the art of making her home cozy, bright, and inviting. Now that the new season is here, we headed over to Liz Marie Blog to learn a few simple fall décor tips we think you can easily do in any room of your home.

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Consider Texture

One of the fall décor tips according to Liz Marie Galvan is the key to make a space look cozy for fall is by layering different types of textures, such as combining pumpkins, dried grass, books, mirror, and demijohn bottles. If you’re planning to add texture to your home, consider mixing velvet throws or pillows, a touch of rattan or wicker through trays or planters, pots of plants, and a cozy rug.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Decorating a space is always a series of trial and error. Yes, it takes a few tries to get the style or look you’re aiming for. It’s the same with Liz Marie. Move your pieces around, take some away and add some, play with the look until you’re completely satisfied, you love how the way it looks in your home.

Style Your Outdoor Area With Mums & Ornamental Kale

This fall décor tip is a favorite of Liz Marie since mums and ornamental kale can add color and texture to your outdoor space. Plus, it creates the overall autumn vibe because of its fall colors like orange, yellow, and pink. Pair it with pumpkins and gourds to make your front porch or outdoor space look more visually appealing.

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Think of a Color Story

We know that decorating for every season feels overwhelming. To make the designing task easier, Liz Marie suggests of thinking a color story, like decorating your home with a warm color palette. It’s important to consider your home’s style and the color of your furniture pieces before you decide on the color palette.

Use Pumpkins to Decorate

Fall season wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins and gourds. By adding pumpkins and gourds to your table, stairs, and other rooms of your home, it’ll instantly make the space feel fall. If you want to make it look more visually appealing, paint your pumpkins and gourds with rainbow colors. Combine it with leaf garlands to make it look more stylish.

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Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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