5 Fall Home Décor Trends According to Pinterest

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Refresh your home this season with these few fall home décor trends according to Pinterest.

So what’s trending this Fall 2021? Aside from a neutral fall palette and going for a minimalist approach, we found out that there are a few throwback (if people still use that word) styles according to the inspiration app of interior enthusiasts: Pinterest. So if your home needs a little refresh this PSL season, here are a few fall home décor trends you can try.

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Fall Home Décor Trends According to Pinterest

Boho Chic Still Reigns

Yes, you read that right. Boho Chic still reigns as one of the top fall home décor trends according to Pinterest, and we’re not surprised at all. Aside from it has a free-spirited vibe, the Boho Chic style creates a peaceful and relaxing ambiance that’s perfect during this pandemic. Of course, you can’t have a Boho Chic home without rattan chairs, an earthy palette, and layers of cozy pillows and blankets. But one thing we noticed is the addition of crystals in the space. It’s believed that it makes the space even more harmonious. If you like this trend, we suggest adding Himalayan rock salt or geode lamps.

Cheery School Colors

Remember your room when you were in high school or college? Those pink cheery shades, vibrant yellow, and baby blue? Yes, they’re all coming back this fall season. It’s one of the fall home décor trends according to Pinterest! We love them before, and we certainly would love to see those pretty shades once again this year.

Pop, Pop, Pop of Colors

It might be now obvious, but fall 2021 is all about colors. One of the fall home décor trends according to Pinterest is adding pops of color in a neutral room, like a bold colored rug, vibrant pillows with simple patterns, hanging frames of artworks, a vase of fresh blooms, or maybe repainting a wall.

Y2K Décor (but Cooler)

Y2K fashion was labeled by Gen Z or maybe by the even younger gen as a fashion crime, and we understand the reason why. We have to admit that we (kinda) regret wearing a dress over leggings or pants, and styling it with a giant belt like we were going on a wrestling match. And to finish it off, our hair was styled with so many clips, but hey, don’t we all look fresh and young back then? So it’s no surprise that Y2K décor is one of the fall home décor trends according to Pinterest because of its fresh and young vibe. Imagine string lights over the bed, woven baskets filled with blankets, and pillows, layers of cozy rug, and a soft, natural palette.

Zest Up With Peachy Keen

Have you seen a peachy keen palette? It’s made of pink and peach hues, like your high school room or college dorm back in the 2000s. We’re starting to see them on our feed, like peachy walls, pillows & blankets, and, most especially, in the bathroom combined with fun prints.

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