7 French Décor Ideas to Style Your La Maison

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We’re saying oui to all these French décor ideas!

You know what they say… Paris is always a good idea. However, since we still can’t travel because of the pandemic, why not bring the casual feel and timeless elegance of Paris to your home? One of the ways to nail the chic and effortless Parisian style into your space is to mix and match old and new furniture and décor pieces. If you’re interested to learn more, scroll down to check our seven French décor ideas.

Mix Old and New

As we have mentioned, one of the French décor ideas you can do to add a Parisian flair to your home is to mix old and new furniture and décor pieces from a wide range of eras, styles, and sources. Try to source items from thrift stores or online stores. To make it look cohesive, stick to a few colors or a neutral palette.

Highlight Architectural Details

Does your place have herringbone floors or intricate ceiling moldings? Show it off! However, if it doesn’t, you can still give it a timeless French look by adding a vintage French rug to highlight your home’s floor or maybe add a few decorative vases. If you’re more of a brave soul, you can DIY a crown molding or installing wainscoting. You can also create a herringbone brick accent wall to add texture and character to the space.

Decorate With Soft Colors

One of the characteristics of the French interior is the use of simple and neutral colors, such as crisp white paired with shades of brown, gold, and a bit of black. You can also choose muted colors and combine them with earthy shades, such as sage green or blue.

Add a Touch of Glamour

Of course, glam is one of the French décor ideas you should definitely add to your space. Think of gold, brass, crystal chandelier, and antique mirror.

Embrace the Beauty of Aging

French interior has a perfect yet imperfect style. Chipped paint, aged wood, torn brick fireplace, burnished metal all add personality and tells the story of the space.

Create a Lived-In Space

One of the French decor ideas you can easily do is to make the space feel lived-in by adding family heirlooms, old books, artwork that you created, or anything that reflects what you love.

Don’t Over-Decorate

French interior has a casual feel, which means avoid over-decorating the space. Sure, you can add accessories layered with your furniture pieces, but avoid overcrowding your home. It’s best if you can only add items that serve a purpose, tells a story, or reflects your personality. Something valuable that you think deserves attention.

Bring the Parisian feel to your space by following these effortless yet chic French décor ideas! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Bonne chance!

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