Gen Z and Millennials Home Survey: What They Are Looking for in Homes

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The results of the Gen Z and millennials home survey are finally out! What are the top three features Gen Z and millennials are looking for in a space?

As we all continue to stay at home, the more we realized how much the pandemic has changed our lives, especially how we use our space and how much space we need to do daily tasks and that includes working from home. According to EHarmony’s 2021 Happiness Index Study from Domino, Gen Z and millennials home survey mentioned these top three features. Scroll down to find out what these features are!

An Outdoor Area

Now that spring is finally here, many of us would love to spend more time outdoors for fresh air and sunshine even if it’s not a full-blown rooftop space. As a millennial, I would be glad to have a mini outdoor garden and let my inner plant parent shine. Gen Z and millennials think that it would be nice to go someplace (other than our bedroom) where we can destress and unwind or maybe sip a cup of coffee while basking’ under the sun. Who else agrees?

More Space

According to the Gen Z and millennials home survey, Gen Z and millennials wanted more space at home. We don’t know about these shoebox apartments, but we are so over it! Especially now that many of our homes have been more than just a space to eat and sleep. It’s also our gymoffice, and a space for our hobbies since many of us still can’t leave our house due to the pandemic.

Proper Laundry Space

Gen Z and millennials are looking at the laundry space AND washer & dryer when hunting for an apartment or home. It’s an often overlooked feature, but a well-defined and separate laundry space with a proper washer & dryer can make your life (and laundry day) so much easier!

These are the top three results of the Gen Z and millennials home survey. What do you think? Are you looking for the same in house hunting or at your current home?

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