The Grandmillennial Style Is 2021’s Most Popular Interior Trend

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Plus, décor tips on how to get the Grandmillennial style into your home.

When you think of a millennial’s home, you’ll likely imagine a place filled with neutral colors, IKEA furniture, lots of indoor plants, squiggly-wiggly geometric patterns & wall arts, and a chic mid-century modern chair. So it’s not really a compliment when someone says that your house reminds them of their nana’s. However, for most twenty- and early thirty-somethings, the Grandmillennial style is considered the most popular interior trend this 2021. It’s designing a home mixed with traditional décor, a peaceful vibe, and your grandma’s needlepoint pillows.

One of the reasons why the Grandmillennial style is popular to (us) millennials is it allows the homeowner to show off their individuality. Think of a space filled with personality and uniqueness. Sounds lovely, right? Before you think that the Grandmillennial style is stuffy and kitschy, millennials have been adding modern touches to the interior style to freshen the look.

What Is Grandmillennial Style?

The Grandmillennial style is characterized by floral prints, bold colors, ruffles, embroidered linens, chintz. Of course, there are slipcovers, skirts on furniture, fringe, trim, drapery, and chinoiserie, but with a modern twist to suit millennials and to avoid the tacky look. Some homes have vintage collections, as well. If you’ll notice, the Grandmillennial interior shares a lot of commonalities with retro, vintage, and even Chinoiserie.

Tips to Incorporate Grandmillennial Into Your Home

However, the Grandmillennial style isn’t just about using granny’s China and antique furniture. To achieve a homey and warm vibe, you need to balance the traditional pieces with modern elements. It’s breathing new life to the old furniture and combining them with the right décor to make the space look hip and fresh, rather than old and stuffy.

Mix Old and New Furniture

It’s about finding balance and the right combination of old pieces with modern elements to make your home look fresh and hip. It could be can furniture, such as rattan and wicker, combined with a light color palette reupholstered vintage pieces.

Use Floral Wallpaper and Prints

One of the décor trends that’s making a comeback is floral wallpapers and prints. It adds a charming and feminine touch to your home when combined with the right light and furniture pieces.

Opt for Patterned Upholstery

Choose patterns that are homey and bold, such as the living room chair by Amy Berry from House Beautiful. Opt for colorful and vibrant pieces to achieve a bright and modern Grandmillennial look.

Keep It Fresh

Literally. Make your home look fresh and visually pleasing by decorating it with flowers and greeneries.

Add Modern Elements and Hardware

Add modern elements into your home with bronze or silver door handles, hinges, frames, and light fixtures.

Lastly, declutter the space by strategically positioning furniture. The Grandmillennial style is all about creating a home that’s both timeless and modern. Use this guide to get you started. Above all, have fun and decorate with what you love! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog.

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