7 Functional and Welcoming Hallway Décor Ideas

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These hallway décor ideas will turn your dark and cluttered hallway into a pretty space with lots of personality!

Your hallway is the most neglected space of your home simply because it isn’t a room. Plus, sometimes with its narrow space, what else could you do to make it visually pleasing? So we leave it as is without thinking that it could also affect the first impression of your home. For interior experts, hallways are a great place to set the tone of your home. It has endless design possibilities, from hanging wall art to even painting a mural. So if you’re stressed out about what to do with your blank hallways, try one of these hallway decorating ideas. Trust us, it’ll definitely solve your hallway décor dilemma!

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Create a Gallery Wall

Your hallway is the perfect space to create a gallery wall. It’s the ideal spot to display your family photos and artworks. Opt for a cohesive style by matching your frames or the theme of the photos.

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Install a Floating Shelf

One of the hallway décor ideas if you have a spacious hallway is installing floating shelves to display photos, mementos, and trinkets.

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Install a Whimsy Wallpaper

A dark narrow hallway can look visually pleasing with vibrant wallpaper. It will instantly liven up your boring hallway!

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Keep It Organized

Many of us treat our hallway as a dumping ground for clothes, shoes, bags, and other items. Keep your hallway clean and organized by adding baskets in the corner or by installing hooks to hang coats and bags.

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Lay Down an Area Rug

Make your hallway look cozy and warm by adding a stylish area rug to the space. It works best in long, narrow hallways. Combine it with a chic pendant and some plants to liven up the space.

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Make It Look Bigger With Mirrors

A big mirror can make your dark, narrow entryway look bright and more spacious. It works well even in a rental apartment.

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Paint a Mural

If you’re feeling creative and have lots of time in your hands, we suggest painting a mural in your hallway. Why not? You can always repaint it or cover it up with wallpaper, but give it a shot! It might work out.

Let your creativity and personality shine with these chic hallway décor ideas!

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