How to Create a Corner Gallery Wall in 5 Easy Steps

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Got an empty and sad little corner in your home? A corner gallery wall is the answer! Create your own chic corner gallery wall in 5 easy-peasy steps. #WeekendProject

Styling a gallery wall is one of our favorite home projects! We love gallery walls! Today, we are going to show you how to create a corner gallery wall to transform that empty and sad little corner in your home. It’s actually a great idea if you need to fill a dark, small corner that can’t support any major plant life. You will have so much fun displaying your photos at home!


Steps to Create a Corner Gallery Wall

Instantly add personality and make that sad little corner in your home more inviting by following these steps:

Mix and Match Art and Frames: Collective Gen suggests choosing either a symmetrical or matching style that has similar art and frames. An example would be a unified corner gallery wall that has a collection of similar items such as mementos, paintings, OR photographs.

You can also mix art and frames, but keep it in a simple color palette to give it a cohesive feel. An example would be an eclectic corner gallery wall that has a combination of items like mementos, paintings, AND photographs.

Measure and Create Paper Templates: After choosing your style and theme for your corner gallery wall, measure your wall space and trace your frames on a piece of paper like brown paper or newspaper. Cut these rectangles out and experiment with the layout. Take your time until you find the perfect layout for your corner gallery wall. Remember to allow a bit of space between frames. Use a ruler or tape for even spacing.

Create a General Diamond Shape: As a great rule of thumb, Oh Joy! suggests creating a general diamond shape with your art or frames for corners when deciding the layout for your corner gallery wall. Style the larger art or frames in the middle and place the smaller ones on the outside to the left and right.

Hang Your Frames Up: You can put your frames up with 3M Command Strips or nails.

  • With Nails: Hang your art or frames on the wall. You will need a pencil and rubber, a ruler, and a wall filler in case of mistakes. Trace the shape of each frame on a piece of paper and cut it out. Tape the paper shapes on the wall, then measure and mark how much higher or lower you want your nail holes to be. Remove the paper and hang the actual piece.

Have Fun With It: Don’t stress it out! There are endless ideas to create a corner gallery wall. Plus, it will take two or three tries to get the perfect layout you will absolutely love. So have fun with it!

If you have an empty and sad little corner that could use a bit of makeover, we recommend creating a corner gallery wall in your bathroomdining nook, or home office!

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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