4 Tips on How to Decorate a Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

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From ribbons to faux florals, there are plenty of ways on how to decorate a non-traditional Christmas tree!

Once Halloween passes, it’s finally time to bring out boxes of Christmas decor and to turn the space into a winter wonderland. We know we’re not the only one who’s excited to hang stockings on the fireplace, Christmas wreaths, and twinkling lights.

Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to decorate a non-traditional Christmas tree. It’s a perfect choice if you want to celebrate the holiday in a new way, a bit unexpected and unique.

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Add Twinkle With Additional Light Strands

Get creative with lights when decorating a non-traditional Christmas tree. Even though it’s not your usual Christmas tree, you can never have too many lights during Christmas. The more, the merrier! Learn how to layer lights so it wouldn’t look cluttered.

Decorate With Ribbons

One of the ways on how to decorate a non-traditional Christmas tree is to add strips of ribbons. Place the ribbons diagonally or crisscross them for a different style.

Decorate With Faux Florals, Picks, and Branches

Once you’re fully satisfied with how the ribbons look like in your tree, it’s time to add other elements like faux florals, picks, and branches. Fill the empty spots with faux florals and mix them with branches. Once you’re done, you’ll have a visually interesting and dramatic untraditional Christmas tree!

Use Non-Traditional Décor as a Tree Topper

Forget about the traditional angel or star as your tree topper. We suggest using sparkly branches to complete your untraditional Christmas tree. You can also use a Santa hat or a personalized Christmas tree topper.

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