6 Simple Tricks to Design the Perfect Kid Homework Area

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Design a comfortable and fun kid homework area to help keep your kids on task.

Homework will always be part of a kid’s life. We remember doing algebra during our school days. No, more of crying over algebra because we couldn’t understand how is it even legal to combine letters and numbers in one equation, but we survived it. Aren’t you proud of yourself? However, algebra isn’t really the main topic here, but helping your kids with their tasks by creating a comfortable and fun kid homework area.

Ever since the pandemic started, aside from the WFH trend, kids are also attending online classes, which makes us think, have you designed a designated space for your kids to learn at home? Do they study in the kitchen or maybe in the corner of their bedroom? If not, now is the perfect time to free up some of your time and create a kid-friendly workspace! These kid homework area styling tips work well regardless of your kid’s age and grade. School is already rough, so make your child feel that he or she is not alone during this journey.

Create a Clutter-Free Space

Create a clutter-free kid homework area by teaching your child how to categorize and organize items. Make sure to remove any items not related to the learning space, such as toys. Add containers for papers, pencils, and other school items. Label each container so that your child knows where to return items when after use.

Design With Parent Proximity in Mind

Of course, parents are sometimes part of the learning process. There will be school projects that you need to guide or help your child. Create a kid homework area where you can also be readily available to help, but the top priority is your child’s needs according to his or her age, grade, or personality.


Incorporate Natural Lighting

A kid homework area should always be properly lit, which means open curtains where the natural light can get in the room, cute desk lamps, and bright room lighting.

Keep Necessities Within Reach

Create a designated space for your child’s school items where he or she can easily access them, such as papers, pencils, calculators, and a lot more depending on his or her grade level. Tape charts on walls or maybe hang a chalkboard for your child’s learning.


Make the Space Unique

Just like how you designed your WFH space to be chic and unique according to your personality, design a kid homework area according to your child’s personality. Does he love space and stars? Add rockets containers and star wallpaper. Does she love pink and glitters? Paint containers with kid-friendly paint and glue some glitters on. It’s also a way to bond with your child and have fun.

Multi-Functional Desks

Yes, kids need desks too. It could be as simple as just a table and a small chair, according to his or her height. You can purchase a kid-friendly desk with lots of storage spaces. You can also DIY their table with wood and pipes.

Just like how you need a proper workspace to work efficiently at home, your child also needs a kid homework area to complete his or her school tasks. Try these kid homework area tips and bond with your child while designing the space.

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