6 Tips to Create a Cool and Edgy Industrial Style Home

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Industrial style is slowly making a comeback, and here’s how you can get the look!

Call us dramatic, but our hearts always skip a beat whenever the industrial style is the topic. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the chic warehouse conversion, right? And we’re excited because industrial style is slowly making a comeback this 2021, together with Grandmillennial and rustic kitchen styles. Think of metals and wood, minimal open spaces with high ceilings, and exposed beams. Plus, the best part of the industrial interior is preserving the history of the building or space, which makes this style full of character, story, and charm.

So if you’re ready to add industrial touches to your home, here are some tips you can easily do to recreate the look.

Baby Steps

Yes, we know that you’re excited as we are, but industrial styling doesn’t mean that you’ll do a complete makeover of your home. It’s best to start small, such as keeping the space clutter-free. Additionally, you can go for a “less is more” approach by designing the place slowly until you achieve the Pinterest-worthy industrial vibe you’re looking for. Avoid over-decorating or over-accessorizing your space. Remember, the industrial style has a more minimal look combined with sleek storages and well-planned spaces.

Decorate Your Walls

One of the focal points of the industrial style is the exposed brick walls or washed out paint. However, if you’re not really into that kind of look, you can opt for a built-in bookshelf and decorating it with vintage items or décor that reflect your personality.

Use Warm and Neutral Tones

Another key element of the industrial style is its warm and neutral palette, from its furniture to its walls and ceilings. For example, most industrial style homes go for crisp white walls paired with shades of grey and black.

Texture & Lighting

The industrial style is also about adding different textures into your space, such as flaking-paint, to create that rough and worn-down vibe. Another example would be clean glass combined with wood and aged pieces of furniture that add character to the space. Additionally, the industrial style uses metal lighting and warm-toned bulbs to complement the warm palette.

Furniture Styles

Lastly, to achieve the industrial style, opt for furniture with clean lines, pieces made of metal, leather, or wood. For example, a brown leather sofa and metal chair paired with a rustic coffee table. However, you can also opt for modern furniture mixed with industrial elements.

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