5 Best Inexpensive Modern Christmas Décor Ideas for This Winter

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Make your home feel jolly and festive without breaking the bank with these chic inexpensive modern Christmas décor ideas.

Holidays are coming, and you still can’t decide which is the ideal decoration for you?

The good news is that you do not have to be a professional to have a perfectly decorated house.

Many people spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations, but what if we tell you that you can make the perfect modern Christmas decor for just a few dollars?

That is why we have made a list of 5 DIY cheap modern Christmas decor ideas that can transform your home into a winter wonderland in just a few minutes, and a few simple steps.

So let’s get started!

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Wreaths and Greens

You are probably used to those same simple, traditional green wreaths that you see in every house. But this year, try to be different, be unique! One of our inexpensive modern Christmas décor ideas is to make your own Christmas wreath for your front door or to hang in the kitchen. Your guests will be delighted!

This year, luxury green wreaths are modern, but with a lot of ornaments. All you need are glittering ribbons, silver or gold flowers, beautiful balls, sequins, twigs, and lots of greenery. You can easily decorate your wreath and make it modern and creative. For those who like an elegant and sophisticated look, we recommend that you put a few twigs that you will paint white and stick large flowers and silver beads on them. This can be a great idea for winter decor. 

For those who want a more natural look, greenery can be used to decorate the house by placing it above the windows, sinks, or on the walls. If you like unusual things, then we have a suggestion for you. The wreath doesn’t have to be just made of greenery, take the cones and stick them in a circle, stick sequins over them, and you will get a beautiful glittering wreath.

You can also make a wreath from large Christmas tree ornaments. Take a few glitter balls and glue them in a circle. This will look beautiful on the front door. The possibilities are huge. The wreath doesn’t need to be round. Today there are a lot of modern, big green square wreaths that you can also make yourself.

Christmas Tree

The most beautiful part of modern Christmas décor is, of course, the Christmas tree. Christmas decorations can sometimes be quite expensive. Especially if you are buying a large Christmas tree and lavish ornaments. But did you know that even a small and simple Christmas tree can look festive and elegant with just a little imagination and effort? 

This year, small Christmas trees are modern, which can be found at very affordable prices. You can place them on a table or a shelf, just because they are small and do not take up much space. I would recommend that you put white lights on your Christmas tree and cover the space with glitter tape. You can also put a few sweets as ornaments, like lollipops and candies, that you will combine with baby pink ornaments. Various non-traditional colors are popular this year, such as shades of purple, pink, silver, and gold.

You can choose white Christmas trees that you will cover with artificial snow and on which you will put silver bows, as well. This will give your Christmas tree a whole new look and a gorgeous glow. 

Making mini Christmas trees from bottle brushes in various colors seems like a good idea. This has become very popular lately because making Christmas trees like this does not require a lot of time or money. They are really easy to make and very cute. If you want to entertain your children, draw a large Christmas tree on paper and give them colors so they can paint it.

To decorate the Christmas tree, collect dry leaves, spray them with gold color, and allow the children to stick them on the paper Christmas tree. After that, you can stick that Christmas tree to the wall with some tape that will not damage the wall.

Inexpensive Modern Christmas Décor Ideas

Lights and Candles

All you need for Christmas wall décor are lights. Lamps are what give your home a special, luxurious look. Lamps allow you to be creative and innovative. You can hang the lights on the wall, on the window, on the Christmas tree, or wherever you want. However, we have some new suggestions. Place the gold or white lights in a glass lantern or large jars. Large jars filled with string lights in one of the inexpensive modern Christmas décor ideas to brighten up your home. Put them somewhere visible, and your home will take on a whole new, mystical look. 

Another of our inexpensive modern Christmas décor ideas is to stick lamps on the wall and shape them into a Christmas tree or a snowflake and hang a few pictures of the whole family on them. Also, you can be creative and get a tree twig and decorate it with LED lights. Your home can be transformed into a fairy tale home with only a little money.

When we talk about Christmas lighting, we should not forget the candles. Candles not only look good but also smell good. You do not have to buy them in nearby stores, instead, you can make them at home. There are various candle websites on the Internet where you can find great guides on how to make them. You can make candles of different shapes, scents, and sizes. 

You can take an old candle holder and paint it and put candles in it that you will light in the evening while you prepare dinner for your family. You can also put them in different jars that you will decorate nicely beforehand. Candles will light up your room and create a real Christmas atmosphere.

If you want something unusual on your table, then you can make ice candles. Whatever you decide on, it will fit perfectly in your kitchen or living room. Candles can be a great idea for table décor. And they will look wonderful on the table while you serve food to your friends.

Furniture Décor

When it comes to Christmas, we should not forget about furniture decoration. You can make plaid pillows yourself, which you will put on the couch. All you need is a nicely designed Christmas fabric and a few beads or colorful buttons that you will attach to the pillows. 

You can embroider various details with colored thread. You can also buy fabric dye and paint the pillow in one of the modern colors. The advantage of the DIY pillow is that you can adapt it to match the aesthetic of your room. 

You can also buy a soft blanket or a rug that you will put over the couch. Or you can wrap yourself in a nice warm blanket and take your favorite book.

DIY Ornaments

The last thing on our list of inexpensive modern Christmas décor ideas is DIY ornaments. Now is the right time to take all the ribbons, beads, paint, bells, and sequins out of your drawers. Wrap tennis balls in beautiful paper and decorate them with imitation white feathers, blue sequins, and silver zircons. These ornaments will look great on your Christmas tree. 

You can also make ornaments from bottle caps, colored paper, dried fruit, twigs, and much more. Take old light bulbs and paint them in the color you want, or glue on sequins. Also, the light bulb can serve as a snowman’s body, on which you will draw eyes, nose, and mouth. This type of ornament will look great on your Christmas tree.

Take a thicker wire and make a snowflake out of it by cutting the wire into smaller parts, which you will then connect in the middle, string beads on each part, and finally bend the wire so that the beads do not fall out. After you make your snowflake, tie it to a rope and hang it on the window. This is a great decoration for a window that children will especially like. 

Surely you have an excess of clothespins in the house. Well, you can use them to make Christmas ornaments that you can hang on the wall. Arrange the clothespins in a circle and glue them to each other. You can glue cardboard on the underside to fill the space with various beads and natural dried flowers.

You can even turn old, ordinary, boring Christmas tree ornaments into interesting and cute ornaments. Take an old ornament and wrap it in the white paper. Draw the eyes and put the horn you made from paper and stick it on the ornament. In that way, you will turn boring ornaments into interesting unicorns, reindeer, and Santa Claus.

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