Say Konnichiwa to Japandi: Mix of Japanese Aesthetics and Scandinavian Minimalism

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Thinking of sprucing up your home? Try Japandi style, a trend that will give your space the soothing vibe it needs.

With the turn of the season and the ongoing quarantine, more and more people are focusing on giving their home a makeover. From building a houseplant collection to changing decor, everyone’s busy sprucing up their space. If you’re seeking some inspiration that will make your neighbors swoon, you might want to try one of the rising interior styles for 2020Japandi.

Yes, you guessed it right. Japandi is a combination of two major styles: Japanese and Scandinavian. It’s a delicate fusion of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian’s functionality. The result? A calm and simple home filled with art and nature. Sounds dreamy, huh?

What Is Japandi?

The Japandi interior style started way back in 2017, but lately, we’re seeing a lot of interior enthusiasts turning their homes with this style, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The Japandi style is clean and minimalist, but cozy and warm at the same time. It focuses on clean lines, creating bright spaces, and using a warm and neutral color palette.

What Are the Key Features of Japandi?

Japandi is easy to recreate in your home. The key to achieving this style is to focus on the functionality of the space. Also, decorating your space with multi-purpose furniture that can serve several uses.

According to Leni Calas of Ward 5 Design, Japandi style focuses on clean lines, minimal, yet well-curated, furnishings, natural materials, and muted colors. It’s aesthetically pleasing but rooted in function.

Here are the key features to recreate Japandi in your home.

Add One or Two Statement Pieces

Japandi style features quality handmade pieces or OOAK (one of a kind) over cheap and ordinary decor. However, since this style focuses on functionality, you should only add practical decorative items. Think of cozy throws and warm rugs combined with ceramic vases and wooden screens. Do a mix of both, but make sure not to overdecorate the space. Always go for a minimalist approach with this interior style.

Choose a Warm and Neutral Color Palette

Think of beige, oatmeal, stone, and taupe. Choose a neutral color palette that will create a calming, harmonious atmosphere in your home. Combine these hues with a soft Scandi color palette, such as blue, green, grey, or pale pink. If you want to incorporate brighter colors, do it meaningfully and subtly.

Decorate With Plants

Because it’s always a good idea to add plants in your home whatever the interior style is. Aside from the fact that it enlivens the space, it also has a lot of health benefits like it purifies the air and reduces stress levels. Go for Jade plantLucky BambooMoney Tree, and hanging plants, such as English IvyPhilodendron, and Pothos.

Natural Materials Are King

Wood is the main element in the Japandi style. Choose sustainable materials like bamboo, paper, rattan, and a mix of light and dark wood. For example, a wooden dining table decorated with a beautiful plant in the center. 

How to Decorate in Japandi Style?

The Japandi style advocates minimalism and multi-functionality. It’s styling your home without contrast or excess. The main goal is to create a minimalist and relaxing environment.

To do this, add warm textures and soft pieces of the Scandi style combined with the elegance of Japanese decor. Focus on muted colors with hints of green and pair it with natural materials. Look for one of a kind pieces that will stand the test of time, and it’s important to reduce clutter by using natural storage containers such as wicker baskets.

There’s your tour of Japandi interior style! We hope that you learned everything you need to know about your favorite future style. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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