Complete Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist

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Efficiently clean your laundry room and keep it fresh and speckless with this laundry room cleaning checklist!

Your laundry room is the cleaning HQ of your home, so it’s no surprise that it would get filthy and disorganized over time. So as part of our fall cleaning checklist, it’s time to deep clean your laundry area. From the washer to the iron, this step-by-step laundry room cleaning checklist will help you tackle everything you need to make the space look spic and span.

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Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist

The Countertops: Start by cleaning the surfaces, shelving, and bins with a microfiber cloth.

The Dryer: Next is to clean the dryer by emptying the lint trap. You could either use a damp cloth or a fabric-softener sheet to scoop up the lint. Wipe down the interior and exterior walls of the dryer with a damp cloth, dishwashing liquid, and warm water.

The Dryer Hose: Clean the dryer hose with an extendable duster around the inside. You could also vacuum it with a crevice attachment to get rid of the accumulated lint on the walls of the dryer hose.

The Washer: Sanitize the inside of your washer and flush out soap scum by running white vinegar. Similar to cleaning your dryer, wipe down the interior and exterior walls of the washer with a damp cloth, dishwashing liquid, and warm water.

The Floor: Mop or vacuum your laundry room floor. Start mopping or vacuuming from the farthest corner of your laundry room and work toward the door. Don’t forget to mop or vacuum underneath the dryer and washer.

The Iron: Create a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to your iron. Wipe down the iron to clean mineral deposits. Use cotton swabs to clean the soleplate.

The Sink: Clean the sink and faucet with a cloth and cleaner.

The Vents: Clear away dust and lint using a vacuum with a brush attachment. Wipe the vents with a damp cloth.

The Windows: Wipe the sill and frame with a damp cloth, dishwashing liquid, and water.

Follow this laundry room cleaning checklist to keep the area spotless and bright.

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