Life of an Interior Designer: Meet Lili Pettit, the Tidying Guru of Clutter Healing

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Whatever the season is, everybody is cleaning. Or, at the very least, many of us are planning and talking about it. If you like cleaning and organizing, you will love our next series at Life of an Interior Designer, wherein we interviewed Clutter Healer Lili Pettit about the journey of Clutter Healing®, the #1 mistake people make when decluttering, and how her philosophy on tidying help create a happy and vibrant space.

On How Clutter Healing® Started

What comes to mind when you think of organizing and tidying? Our minds will instantly think of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit clean-up queens. However, we recently discovered another tidying guru on improving and bringing back positive energy into her clients’ homes. Sounds life-changing, right? Lili Pettit of Clutter Healing® is an organizing wunderkind who pursuits to help clients completely rejuvenate their homes.

Pettit shares, “Clutter Healing®, Inc. a holistic home organizing service. I believe that our homes are living breathing entities that are intricately woven together + are only as strong as their weakest link. You can put a Band-Aid solution on, say a pantry or a garage, but really, your home flows better when all spaces are streamlined and organized.

My intention as a professional organizer is to provide a fun, safe, and non-judgmental space for our clients to clear physical and emotional clutter. A huge part of what we support clients in achieving is matching the inside of their cabinets, drawers, and closets to the outside of their space. When we feel good inside, the outside will match that frequency and vice versa.”

Pettit also adds her love for organizing when she was about 7 years old. From rearranging furniture in her bedroom and seeking out junk drawers at friends’ houses, Pettit jumped to wardrobe styling after almost a decade in the public relations and marketing world. However, after working in fashion and styling, Pettit finally decided to use her keen organizational skills to organize closets for a few wardrobe styling clients, and the rest is history.

On Tidying Hacks for Quickly Organizing a Space

Like a lot of busy people, especially parents, there are some cases when we do not necessarily have the time to keep things organized. Pettit shares that allocating 15 minutes a day effectively helps tidy up the space. Literally set a timer, and pick up/put it away as you walk through your space. Give all your items home, they live there when they are not in use.

The #1 Mistake People Make When Decluttering

Pettit also opens up about the #1 mistake people make when decluttering and reorganizing (we are totally guilty!).

Pettit shares, “I often see people do one of two things: fire sale editing which causes remorse, or shopping for supplies before organizing.

Putting the cart before the horse and purchasing a ton of organizing supplies before editing and organizing tend to cause more overwhelm and confusion. It saves more time, money, and energy when you organize your space first, and buy products to match your needs.

Also, getting rid of things without a conscious editing session. Any “fire sale” type edit usually leaves the sting of regret and is an unsustainable way of maintaining a home.”

On Her Organizing Philosophy

Millions of people around the world are looking for decluttering and organizing systems that will tidy up every room of their home, but for Pettit, her organizing philosophy focuses on whole-home organizing.

Pettit shares, “I don’t believe that one space is superior over another. When our homes lack breathing room we are literally blocking or clogging the energetic pathway.” As a Clutter Healer, Pettit works with clear logic, gentle energy, and a positive attitude to revamp and restore clients’ homes while clearing the air for positive energy to flow freely.

On the Main Benefit of Clutter Healing®

We are all aware that organizing can improve your happiness, your relationships. However, Pettit also adds Clutter Healing® helps its clients to reenergize. She shares, “We are often tired and busy in our everyday lives; think of the ease you’d feel if you always knew where your keys were; you know exactly where to find batteries or lightbulbs. The energy you once spent emptying your “junk” drawer looking for something is now available for the things that matter most.”

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