9 Home Items You Should Throw Before the New Year Starts

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As we say goodbye to 2020, consider these home items you should throw along with the nightmarish year.

2020 is finally coming to an end, and as we say goodbye to this nightmarish year, now is the perfect time to clear your home of clutter for a fresh start. Yes, you might have already stress-organized every area in your space, but you might have also forgotten a few home items you should throw out before 2021 begins.

Expired Products

Check your fridge, bathroom, and pantry for expired products you should definitely throw out, like shampoo, makeup, medicine, a jar of jam, a box of cookies, etc. There’s really no reason to hold on to these items. It’s best to throw it all out before anyone at your home mistakenly consumes it.

Food in the Pantry and Fridge

Once you have checked expired food in your fridge or pantry, check if you have random or extra food untouched or didn’t end up using it over the holidays, such as canned food. It’s best to donate it to your local food pantry or charities.

Unnecessary Takeout Menus

If your fridge looks like a pin board of takeout menus, it’s time to finally throw away all those crumple takeout menus pinned on your fridge and in your drawer. Keep the menus you actually use, or you can actually lookup online.

Unused Mugs

Let go of the excess and only keep what you use. Yes, there are some mugs that you have collected through trips, or some were gifts. However, if you’re not using them, it’s best to donate them or sell them online. Throw it if it’s cracked or permanently stained.

Old Accessories and Clothes

Got a pile of clothes you don’t use anymore? Donate them or sell them online. If you’re planning to donate your clothes and accessories, check the working hours or list of accepted items because some donation centers have become strict since the pandemic started.

Mismatched Hangers

You probably have a lot of these home items you should throw, especially after cleaning and organizing your closet. A collection of mismatched clothing hangers. It’s best to donate these hangers that don’t match and treat yourself to a new set of non-slip clothes hangers. Trust us, it will make your closet look tidy.

Half-burned Candles

Definitely one of the home items you should throw out before the year begins. Yes, we’re talking about your cabinet full of half-burned candles that you liked for a while, then totally forgot that you had them. Make space for your new holiday candles, and if you want to reuse the candle jars, you can melt the candle and pour it into an old jar, then toss it.

Raggedy Towels

Another one of the home items you should throw is dingy towels or recycle them as rags. It’s time to invest in a new set, and don’t forget to wash your bathroom towels every two days to get rid of any bacteria.

Old Pillows

Yes, one of the home items you should throw is the old pillow that has been with you since forever. It’s time to let it go. Plus, according to experts, your pillows should be replaced every 1-2 years. Invest in a pillow that will help you sleep well. Donate your old pillows to a local animal shelter, but check first if they accept used pillows.

It’s pretty obvious that we are all excited to say goodbye to 2020 and to welcome 2021. As we say goodbye to this year, it’s best to say goodbye to old home items you don’t use anymore or doesn’t serve their purpose anymore. Let go of the clutter that’s holding you back and let’s all look forward to a fresh start! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy New Year!

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