Life of an Interior Designer: Madison Bess on Her ‘Homey’ Style, Turning Her Passion Into a Career, & Finding Great Happiness on Her Tiny Home

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For Madison Bess, content creator and interior decorator of  Blushing Bungalow in Florida, a beautiful design is more than finishes, furniture, or paint colors. Good design is emotional, highly personal, and can make you feel creative and inspired. As part of our new design series, Life of an Interior Designer, we sat down with Bess to chat about quitting her full-time job to pursue her business, finding inspiration through other bloggers & influencers, and making the most of her small yet cozy home.

Working as an interior decorator or interior designer sounds like a glamorous job, right? You often see interior decorators or interior designers portrayed in films or shows with color swatches in hand while swanning into rooms. Creating unbelievably beautiful, comfortable, and warm homes. Well, what you didn’t know, it also includes having an open mind and taking risks. It’s stepping out of your comfort zone each time to add new styles or concepts and to bring something new to the table.

Madison Bess, the content creator and interior decorator of Blushing Bungalow, had her heart set on working in interior design. Growing up, she would rearrange her bedroom and shop for new bedding with her mother. However, she didn’t pursue it. Years have passed, after buying their first home, Bess realized that her heart was still set on becoming an interior decorator, so she recently quit her full-time job, jumped in with both feet, and started to turn her passion into a career. Fortunately, as she moved into the interior design field, Bess was able to build good relationships with other bloggers & influencers, and impressed people on her blog and Instagram with her cozy and warm 696 square feet bungalow in Florida.

How did she know she was ready to make the leap? She wasn’t, but she shared that the secret to starting in design and styling is simply to start! True, there are a billion ‘what ifs,’ but it’s all about taking risks and working through trial and error. Join us on today’s chat with Madison Bess, as we explore the process of creating a beautiful home, making the most of small-space living, and finding enjoyment and success throughout the journey.

On Following Her Heart and Dream Job

I have really always been interested in interior design. Even as a young child I loved rearranging my room and shopping for new bedding with my mother! However, it wasn’t until we purchased our first home, which we are currently living in, that my love for design became more than just a passion, but my career! It launched my blog, the Blushing Bungalow, and I found much enjoyment and success here!

On Her Design Style and Tips to Nail the Look

It’s funny you ask because I can never choose which is why I always go with a modern eclectic! I love mixing and matching styles! My biggest step is incorporating different styles throughout your entire home. Each room should have a touch of each style. This will look like a more cohesive look rather than each room has a themed style.

On Her Favorite and Unforgettable Design Work

I love my back patio! Sitting on my back patio in the winter months of Florida is absolute perfection! Living in such a small home, you have to utilize every space even the outdoor space!

On Her Sources of Inspiration

Honestly, I love seeing other influencers and bloggers like me work on projects in their own homes! There’s so much authenticity behind creating a place that you love in your own home!

On Her Design Idea

Whether you own or rent a home, you should take the time to make your space feel comfortable for you. Nothing is better than coming home, from either a vacation or time away, to a house that makes you feel so blessed and grateful to have. A place you feel comfortable and yourself in!

Nothing is better than coming home, from either a vacation or time away, to a house that makes you feel so blessed and grateful to have.

On Her Design and Styling Secret

The secret to starting in design and styling, without schooling, is just starting! Work through trial and error, and don’t be afraid to buy and sell items! It’s so easy to list items online for sale, that if something’s really pulling at your heart, don’t let that hold you back because even if a piece doesn’t work in your home, doesn’t mean it won’t work in another’s!

On Her Advice for Interior Enthusiasts

Try something new! I know, oftentimes, I get stuck on trends or things I love, and I’ve noticed that it can make my home fall flat. I try to add new styles or concepts to my space to freshen them up and bring something new to the table.

At the end of our chat with Madison Bess, we learned that we are all just trying to figure it out. What lies ahead for Madison Bess and the Blushing Bungalow? We hope her business will continue to grow and keep getting more exciting projects. We feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to chat with Madison Bess and to be inspired by her story.

Whatever path you take, look at your progress as a sign of success because it helps you move forward in the direction you want to go.

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