5 Simple Decor Ideas to Make a Maximalist Room Feel Curated

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Master the modern take on how to make a maximalist room feel curated with these design ideas from the pros.

“More is more,” that’s the decorating mantra of maximalist interior style. However, most of the time, applying this style at your home can be a bit tricky since it can feel an avalanche of knickknacks, or the space feels cluttered and too much in the eyes.

So if you’re a huge fan of maximalist design, you should learn that this isn’t about decorating every square inch in your home with stuff. Maximalism is about the art of combining colors, eclectic embellishments, patterns, and textures that blend well together. How do you do this to make a maximalist room feel curated?

Think Neutral

Designer Ariel Okin mentioned in an interview with Apartment Therapy that the key to mixing patterns and prints without it feeling overpowering is to have a neutral base to start your design process with. “Utilizing key pieces in tone-on-tone palettes—like sisal rugs and white Belgian linen sofas, for example—provides a clean canvas where you can add color and pattern in the form of pillows, art, throws, and more.”

For example, neutral bookshelf, chairs, coffee table, curtains, or rugs. A white sofa is also a great option. These decor examples balance the whole space, and it gives your eyes a break from the flashy decorative accents, which is important to make a maximalist room feel curated.

Balance Light and Heavy Design Elements

The next step to make a maximalist room feel curated is to learn how to balance light and heavy design elements. Ask yourself, “how can you make all of this mix of color, shapes, silhouettes, style, and textures feel balanced and connected?” “For example, if you have a bulky nightstand, offset it with a light and slim table lamp for balance,” advised by designer Ana Claudia Schultz.

Be Strategic

Another piece of advice to make a maximalist room feel curated is to limit the visual noise by following the rule of three: balance, colors, and contrast. Remember to also consider the height of each item and mix it up. “Curation is key, and to do so, you should showcase items you love such as books, planters, and art but layer them using different heights or depth of field,” says Schultz in Apartment Therapy.

For example, if you’re styling a coffee table, start by stacking your favorite books, add a chic accessory on top, then add another accessory on your coffee table.

It’s also important to keep away unnecessary items in a storage box since this can overwhelm the eye. Simply display items that go well with the style.

Use Negative Space

Another important factor to make a maximalist room feel curated is to utilize negative space. Again, this interior style isn’t about decorating every square inch in your home with stuff. Alessandra Wood of Modsy advised that you should allow a few select pieces to have room to breathe and take center stage.

Follow a Theme

Just because your home’s style is maximalist, doesn’t mean your space has to look cluttered. However, if you’re heading in that direction, take a pause and think of a theme. This will help you in deciding what to put in your space. Check if the pieces throughout your home are connected with the chosen theme.

You don’t necessarily have to super edit the space to make a maximalist room feel curated. Keep in mind that if you want to achieve a curated home, make sure that the pieces you display has a purpose and contributes to a larger story.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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