5 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel More Grown-Up

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If you need budget-friendly and easy ideas to make your apartment feel more grown-up, we have you covered!

Settling into your first apartment is very exciting. However, it’s slightly less exciting when you are too broke to decorate your place into something out of Instagram or a Pinterest-worthy apartment. So you settle down with your bed on the floor and a poster taped to the wall like it’s a dorm room. However, as you get older, your style starts to change, and you might start redecorating to make your apartment feel more grown-up. Plus, no matter how tight your budget is, you can decorate your home little by little every day, starting with a little cleaning and decluttering.


Eliminate Clutter

The first step to make your apartment feel more grown-up is simple: declutter and organize every room of your home, especially the bathroom and bedroom. Always make your bed in the morning and maintain a cleaning schedule. Imagine going to sleep every night and waking up each morning with a clean and organized bathroom and closet, an empty kitchen sink, a clutter-free home office desk, and no stacked mails in your entryway. It can definitely and instantly boost your productivity levels and brighten up your mood. Showcase a few memorabilia elegantly to add personal touches to your home.

Add a Floor Lamp or Table Lamp

Proper lighting can make a house feel more like home. Add a floor lamp next to your sofa, a table lamp on your entryway console, nightstand, and home office desk.

Display Your Artwork

Make your apartment feel more grown-up by hanging artwork placed in proper frames. Resist the urge to use painter’s tape or thumbtacks. You are a grown-up, not a teenager. You are completely over pinning posters and other pieces to the wall. Plus, hanging artwork adds a personal touch to your apartment.

Opt for Neutrals

Neutral pieces are your new best friend! It can make your apartment look sophisticated and timeless. Opt for classic cream or gray hue. You can easily incorporate neutrals in your apartment through artwork, rugs, and textiles. How about painting your walls beige or white?


Upgrade Your Kitchenware

Make your apartment feel more grown-up by purchasing canisters to hold coffee grounds and tea bags, ceramic pieces, a cheese board, or a set of wine glasses. Trust us, these pieces will save you from embarrassment when you host a dinner at your home.

These five items are all you need to make your apartment feel more grown-up, no matter how tight your budget is. Plan ahead, save up, and polish your place with grown-up accents.

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