Deck Your Halls With These 10 Chic Natural Holiday Decor Ideas

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Add an earthy touch to your home by going au naturel with these natural holiday decor ideas you should try this holiday season. Santa approves!

We can all agree that one of the best parts of celebrating the holidays is decorating our homes with fuzzy Christmas stockings and replacing old Christmas ornaments with shiny ones. However, this holiday season, choose to deck your halls with natural and organic decor, such as evergreen boughs and organic materials that will add a touch of authenticity and earthy feel to your home.

So if you’re ready to give your home a festive touch, give these natural holiday decor ideas a try.

All-Natural Accents in Unexpected Rooms

Two words: decorate everywhere. Yes, that includes your bathroom, on top of your mudroom’s built-in shelves, or unexpected nooks and crannies that looks awkward and empty. You can add a few pinecones or a simple string of garland to make every inch of your home bright and festive.

A sophisticated natural holiday decor example from Country Living would be adding earthy elements like a single branch of princess pine brings the look and smell of Christmas to the bathroom space.

Cozy Wood-Filled Fireplace Display

Something is comforting with a warm fireplace decorated with a garland of fresh pine, stockings, and wood. It creates the perfect Christmas scene. Add cheery presents and a wreath for a merry holiday fireplace.

Create a Mini Tree

A natural holiday decor that you can add to any room of your home, especially if you have a lot of small empty spaces or surfaces, like a side table that needs some sprucing up. You can use an old pale for that perfect rustic mini Christmas tree look or a vintage candy box as a tree stand, by Country Living. Use bird and pine cone ornaments and dried-orange garland for that chic organic look.

Decorate With Fresh Fruits and Greenery

Welcome your family and guests this holiday season with an apple garland. It’s easy and simple to do! Use a skewer to puncture a hole through the apple’s center, then string the wire through the apple and secure the wire to the garland.

Decorate Your Tree With Flowers & Fruits

A brilliant natural holiday decor idea that will save you from spending hundreds of dollars on new Christmas ornaments. Add vintage charm with dried citrus and gingerbread ornaments on your tree, like this Connecticut Christmas tree. You can also use sunflowers as an alternative to dried citrus.

Eco-Friendly Tablescape

You can create a festive Christmas table with inexpensive scarves, tablecloths, tartan blankets, and more. Don’t forget the Christmas centerpiece like a miniature white painted gingerbread house. Add fresh white flowers and string lights for that perfect white Christmas theme.

Hang a Wreath in Your Window

A subtly festive natural holiday decor idea that will add some Christmas cheer to any room of your home, especially to your windows, is to hang small wreaths. It won’t get in your way. Plus, it will remind you of the holiday season while doing chores.

Headboard Garland

Add some Christmas cheer in your bedroom without going overboard by decorating your headboard with an oversized garland. Combine it with plaid pillows for that festive vibe.

Green Chandelier

A bushel of branches and a few pinecone pieces can instantly make your light fixture bright and merry for the holidays.

Use Fruit and Popcorn

Eat a little, string a little with this good old-fashioned natural holiday decor idea. It’s easy and fun to do with your family. You can use fresh cranberries or dried orange slices to add color to your popcorn garland. You can check out The Pioneer Woman’s website for the complete tutorial.

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive or time-intensive to create a huge impact. Fill your home with these natural holiday decor ideas. Trust us, you will be the merriest home on the block! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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