9 Brilliant and Stylish Hanging Shelves Ideas

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Add zest to your walls with one of these gorgeous hanging shelves ideas that will add style and storage to your home.

We always search for ways to add storage to our home while saving floor space. One of the solutions, whenever we need extra storage in our home, is to install floating shelves or hanging shelves. Aside from it is practical since you can use it in any room of your home, it’s also easy to install and it can liven up your empty, boring walls.

If you need to update some visual interest to your space or maybe you need a bit of storage, here are 9 of our favorite hanging shelves ideas that will perfectly work in every area of your home.

Accessorize Your Hallway

Many of us don’t decorate our hallways. Yes, we paint it and maybe add a pot of plant in the corner, but usually, that’s it. A great way to add personality to an empty hallway is to display your family’s photos or art with the use of hanging shelves.

Bath Storage

Maximize a small bathroom with hanging shelves. You can store candles, hand soap, tissues, and washcloths. It’s definitely a lifesaver!

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Books, Frames, and Plants

One of the hanging shelves ideas is to display your favorite photos, books, or small plants in your living space or bedroom. You can spruce up blank walls instantly! If you want to make it more visually interesting, paint the wall where you’ll install your hanging shelves to make them pop.

Display Your Art

This hanging shelves idea is perfect if you like changing art displays from time to time. Create a gallery-worthy corner in your home with hanging shelves and carefully lean your art pieces. Another idea is to display your favorite ceramic pieces.

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Home Office Storage

We all need extra storage in our home office space, so one of the hanging shelves ideas is to utilize the walls is to install hanging shelves that can hold books, artworks, and other items that will inspire you to work better. You can also store baskets of office supplies and small plants.

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Laundry Room Storage

Yes, hanging shelves can be used to hold laundry items, such as stain and odor removers, bleach, and detergent. Just make sure that your hanging shelves are sturdy enough to hold jars of these laundry items.

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Kitchen Storage

Hanging shelves can also be used in the kitchen to hold spices. You can also use it to store sugar, coffee beans, and tea bags. Display your cookbooks and kitchen-related artwork to make it look stylish and functional.

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Stylish Nightstand

One of the hanging shelves ideas that will save floor space in your bedroom is to use it as a nightstand or as a bedside table for your books, glasses, phone, or candles.

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Toy Storage

Hanging shelves aren’t only used as a decor piece in your home. You can also use it as storage for your kid’s toys, books, and other items.


Hanging shelves provide plenty of storage without taking any floor space, which is perfect for small spaces. Spruce up your blank walls or make your space look better and livelier with Omysa’s Hanging Shelves for $27.99. With over 2,800 reviews, it’s one of the top hanging shelves on Amazon! Shop now on Amazon and on our website.

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