Add a Minimalist Look to Your Home With Hanging Shelves

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Maintain a chic and simple style while keeping your stuff accessible and organized with Omysa’s Hanging Shelves.

If you are thinking of adding extra storage to your home while making it look chic and clean, then Omysa’s Hanging Shelves can be the perfect solution. Designed to fit any interior style, from bohemian to minimalist, our hanging shelf can be the perfect storage to keep your stuff accessible and organized without taking up floor space. At Omysa, we believe that hanging shelves are becoming a necessity rather than an accessory because they can hold or store multiple items in your home. However, we also think that hanging shelves should be well-designed to enhance the grace of your home. So, let us take you through the materials and details that made Omysa’s Hanging Shelves an exceptional product.


High-Quality Materials

Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are made of pinewood, which is one of the best wood and solid choice for décor and furniture because it has a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock. We purposely chose pinewood because it has less environmental impact compared to oak where it typically comes from old-growth forests. Pine trees grow fast that a cut-down tree is quickly replaced with new growth. Pinewood is lighter in weight, but it is still moderately heavy and sturdy. This makes it easier to change up the look of your hanging shelf.

Since Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are made of pinewood, it is also resistant to shrinking and swelling. Further, it is resistant to shock, which helps minimize any form of damage. It is durable and strong, as well. Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are well-built that they can last for decades just like any other hardwoods.


The Details

Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are full prominent grain with knots darker than the pinewood, which gives it a versatile look that pairs well with any pattern and wall color. Some pinewood is light in colors, such as a creamy white hue, which makes it easy to stain to achieve our 4 colors: Charcoal Black, Early American, Natural, and Rustic White. We designed Omysa’s Hanging Shelves to be simple and ready to hang. They are shipped fully assembled with 3 sets of colored rings, screws, and wall anchors. All you have to do is drill a hole on your wall, hang them up, and decorate with your favorite pieces!


What’s So Special With Omysa’s Hanging Shelves?

Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are created to meet more than your storage needs. Aside from its form and function, our hanging shelf can create a dramatic effect and spectacular display. Omysa’s Hanging Shelves comes in a set of two with exchangeable black, gold, and silver rings to give you more freedom to personalize your hanging shelf. You can choose from our multiple colors: Charcoal Black, Early American, Natural, and Rustic White, as well. Each set beautifully displays its natural wood grain. The best part is they are only $27.00. Make a statement without breaking the bank!

Benefits of Hanging Shelves

Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are a perfect solution to add storage without taking up floor space. They can make organizing so much fun and stylish! It can revamp any room in your home, from an outdated space to a clean and minimalist look, and subtly display your personal style. It’s no surprise that it’s a functional home décor that is easy to love. Here are all the reasons to prove that our hanging shelf can be very beneficial to your home.

  • Clean Aesthetic
  • Easy to Install
  • Light and Airy
  • No Floor Space Required
  • Strong and Highly Durable
  • Unique and Versatile


Here at Omysa, we always ensure to create products that have an efficient life cycle, are made with responsible materials, and are produced ethically. Thoughtfully designed, Omysa’s Hanging Shelves boasts a chic and clean aesthetic. It will add a touch of earthy texture to your home.


Décor Ideas from Interior Decorators

A great advantage of our hanging shelf is its versatility. It can be used to decorate and organize every room in your home, such as extra storage to maximize a small bathroom or to display your favorite décor in your bedroom or living room. Further, the simple design goes perfectly well with any interior style.

Get inspired with our featured interior decorators and how they creatively styled our Hanging Shelves.


Omysa’s Hanging Shelves are one of the magical unicorns of home décor because they work everywhere. Whether you want to add visual interest to your home or if you need extra storage, our hanging shelf is the perfect choice! With over 2,800 reviews, it’s considered one of the aesthetically pleasing and practical hanging shelves on Amazon and by our customers. Are you ready to add zest to your walls and show off your creativity and personality? Discover Omysa’s Hanging Shelves on Amazon and Shopify!

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog.

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