Create a Calming Home With These 5 Organic Modern Tips

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Planning to switch up your interior to make it more livable? Try these Organic Modern tips!

Organic Modern is the beautiful and serene version of modern style. It’s full of warmth and coziness. It’s actually the combination of two popular styles: mid-century and modern. The key to achieve an Organic Modern home is to bring natural elements and soft, organic materials like natural textures and lots of organic shapes. The color palette is also limited to white, gray, and shades of brown. However, you can also add shades of green and blue to liven up the mood of the space. Most of all, Organic Modern takes on a minimal approach, which means there is a lot of negative space.

Here are five tips to create an Organic Modern home:

Incorporate Soft, Natural Shapes

Organic Modern style is all about soft and natural shapes that resemble soft fluffy clouds, softly curved leaves, hills, and organic shapes that introduce softness to the space. Avoid sharp, perfect lines since it would make the space look more modern and cold.

Keep It Minimalist

Less is more with the Organic Modern style. It’s clutter-free and it embraces a lot of negative space, which makes the style open and airy. Avoid adding furniture pieces or décor that doesn’t fit with the style. Keep it simple and cozy.

Limited and Refined Color Palette

Although you could add shades of green and blue to this style, it’s best to limit the color palette to two to three shades, including white and shades of caramels and creams. You can add color to the space with plants. Remember to choose different tones so that the space wouldn’t look monotonous.

Natural and Organic Elements

Woven fabric, rattan, plants, and other organic materials that will add warmth and coziness to the space are one of the Organic Modern tips to achieve this style in your space. Use natural wood for flooring and ceramics as décor.

Start From Scratch

The first step to achieve an Organic Modern home is to clear everything out and to start from scratch. Only add important pieces or maybe anything that perfectly fits with the style. Start by clearing and redesigning each room to make it less overwhelming.

Make your home feel cozy while still making it look modern with these Organic Modern tips! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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