15 Dreamy Backyard Wedding Ideas: How to Plan a Backyard Wedding

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Convenient, intimate, and best of all, budget-friendly! These impressive and romantic backyard wedding ideas will make you want to say “I do.”

There’s nothing sweeter than a backyard wedding! They are cozy, informal, intimate, relaxing, and won’t require a big budget. You can DIY or personalize everything without any restrictions. Additionally, if your original wedding venue cancelled or is closed due to the pandemic, a backyard wedding is the perfect solution! Plus, there are endless backyard wedding ideas to choose from.

However, before we start with all the amazing backyard wedding ideas, here are tips from Junebug Weddings you should read first to know if a backyard wedding is right for you.

Pros of a Backyard Wedding

Dates Are Flexible: You and your fiancé have complete freedom to choose your wedding date. Peak wedding season? No stress because you and your fiancé are not affected by it.

Furry Friends Are Invited: Include your pets in your big day! YAY! Plus, they can head back inside whenever they want to.

Intimate Guests Lists: Not every couple dreams of an extravagant wedding with more than 150 guests. Some want to have a more intimate wedding with family and close friends only.

Money Can Be Saved: Because you aren’t paying for a venue, security deposits, and all the other hidden charges. Of course, you still need to rent almost everything else you will use like chairs and tables, but it’s still going to be cheaper compared to the cost of a venue.

Sentimental Factors: There is nothing like saying “I do” in the backyard of your childhood home. Trust us, it will be a special memory you, your fiancé, your family, and friends will cherish forever.

Cons of a Backyard Wedding

Insurance: Of course, we don’t want to think about anything bad happening on your wedding day, but it’s better to be safe than sorry if ever an accident does happen. Ask your homeowner’s insurance to check what is covered, and ask your vendors to see what insurance they carry.

Neighbors: As respect, notify your neighbors about your backyard wedding plans at least a month or two before your special day. Give them the details, such as the exact time of your ceremony to avoid creating noise on their end, parking, and what time the wedding will end.

Junebug Weddings suggested giving your neighbors a written schedule so they have all the details. It’s also best if you can include a small gift, such as a pair of earplugs, to appreciate their patience and understanding.

Permits & Parking: Check with your city officials if you need permits to host a wedding at your home to avoid committing any violation. Junebug Weddings advised you to include your wedding planner on everything, especially with the vendors. Additionally, plan the parking, especially if street parking is not allowed. You can consider hiring a valet service to park the cars at a nearby open lot. Be sure to tell your guests not to leave valuables in their cars that you could be held liable for.

Power and Electrical: A backyard wedding will require you to use a lot more power than most homes can handle. It’s best to rent generators to accommodate the extra power you will need.

Restrooms: If you have more than 20 guests, you will need to provide additional toilet facilities.

Yard Maintenance and Setup: Consider hiring a landscaper to take care of all the design and yard maintenance. Check with your landscaper if the ground is level enough for chairs, tables, and a dance floor.

Clean-up: You will absolutely need to rent plenty of trash and recycling bins to collect all of the trash. Junebug Weddings suggested you might want to designate or hire someone to monitor the bins, as well.

Weather: Weather happens, so make sure you have a rain plan.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Let your creativity run wild with inspiration from Alicia Fritz, the founder of A Day in May Events. No, really. She has a LOT of fresh backyard wedding ideas she shared with the Brides to make your dream wedding come true.

  • Add Some Garden Romance
  • Bring the Bar Outside
  • Bring Trees Inside Your Tented Reception
  • Carve Out a Path for Your Guests
  • Chic Escort Card Display
  • Choose a Focal Point of Your Celebration
  • Create a Chill Lounge Area
  • Display Baked Goods
  • Hire a Live Band
  • Illuminate With String Lights
  • Make a Grand Entrance
  • Provide Shawls or Blankets
  • Serve Your Guests Some Seasonal, Refreshing Bites
  • Set Up Long Banquet Tables
  • Use Plants for Your Centerpiece

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding

After researching backyard wedding ideas, it’s time to plan your backyard wedding! According to Unbridely, there are three sections in planning a backyard wedding: assess, plan & prepare, and delegate & hire.

Assess: It’s simply ALL about your backyard space to ensure you have lots of room for your guests and vendors.

Plan & Prep: From the garden, guest experience, neighbors, to the food. Make sure that even pets are well taken care of.

Delegate & Hire: You can’t do everything on your own. It’s simply impossible that’s why it’s important to hire a cleaning crew, caterer or planner, stylist, and extra hands that will help you make your backyard wedding a success!

Phew! Writing about backyard wedding ideas is already draining, what more if you plan it? However, we hope that we covered the important parts of planning a backyard wedding. If you need more information, you can check the links of wedding professionals in the blog. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Now go plan that wedding! You got this!

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