Experts Reveal These 5 Outdoor Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Before you go all out decorating your outdoor space, take a look at these outdoor decorating mistakes to save your effort, time, and of course, money.

Now that we are officially feeling the summer heat, we are all excited to head out and enjoy the sunny days. However, experts say that before you decorate your outdoor space, there are outdoor decorating mistakes you should watch out for. Many of us might have done some of these outdoor decorating mistakes just to achieve a Pinterest-worthy space, but ended up wasting time, energy, and money. So before you sit under the sun and enjoy your summer cocktail, check out these outdoor decorating mistakes, according to the pros.

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Ignoring Your Outdoor Space

We get it, many of us might think not decorating our outdoor space just because we don’t know how long we would be staying. It could be less than a year or it could be more than 5 years. However, your outdoor space is still part of your home. Plus, it’s the first thing other people or your guests would see ( in case, it’s located at the front of your house).

Decorate your outdoor space! Furnish it and make it cozy! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to rent for just a year, add simple furniture like a cozy chair, table, and some plants to liven up the space. You can either bring this outdoor furniture to your next home or maybe sell it online.

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Forgetting to Consider Lighting

One of the outdoor decorating mistakes is forgetting to add lighting to the space. Sure, it’s blinding bright during the day, but have you ever thought how dark would your outdoor space be after sunset? Aside from providing shade like pergolas or umbrellas, it’s also best to add a string of lights to add drama and warmth to the space.

Neglecting to Use Textiles

Your outdoor space is an extension of the inside of your home. Would you leave your living space without any textiles, color, or texture? Of course not! You will make it look cozy and warm by adding pillows, blankets, and other décor items that will add color to the space. It’s the same with decorating your outdoor space. Add outdoor rugs, floor pillows, throw pillows, or even fabric wall art.

Not Choosing Weather-Resistant Furniture and Washable Fabrics

If you are 100% sure to create a chic outdoor oasis, the first thing that you should research is weather-resistant furniture with washable fabric. It’s one of the outdoor decorating mistakes a lot of people won’t pay attention to. Mind the elements and choose outdoor furniture that will stand the changing weather.

Using Fragile Dinnerware

Avoid using shatterproof dinnerware. It’s better to be practical and use something a little more casual. You can opt for steel cups and durable dishes that won’t easily break.

Lastly, one of the outdoor decorating mistakes is copying everything you see on Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, those photos are lovely, but it’s important to create an outdoor space that will bring you joy.

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