5 Parisian-Inspired Home Trends You Should Definitely Try

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Master the French interior design and make your space look oh-so-stylish with these Parisian-inspired home trends.

Who doesn’t want their home to look a bit more French? The timeless Parisian aesthetic would instantly fly you to Paris without leaving your home. We admit that we love everything about this style because of its classic pairings, which create an effortless look. Today, we’re giving away tips on how you could add these famous Parisian-inspired home trends to your space.

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Bare Floors

Have you ever noticed that most Parisian apartments have bare floors? You’ll notice beautiful herringbone wood floors instead of floors overloaded with carpets. One of the Parisian-inspired home trends you could do is to leave your floors bare, especially if you have a beautiful wooden floor. If you want to place a rug to add style to the space, it’s best to make it petite.


Chunky Marble Pieces

Parisians would always decorate with a thick marble furniture piece, like a coffee table. Plain chunky marble piece without any brass or wood. You could find this type of furniture on sites like Facebook Marketplace.


Ornate Art

One of the Parisian-inspired home trends is hanging edgy and unique artwork, like abstract pieces in neutral hues. To make it look more visually pleasing, pair it with framed oil portraits or vintage mirrors. It will instantly create an art gallery vibe into your home.

Sculptural Lighting

Replace your boring lighting with a dramatic, glimmering chandelier. It will serve as the focal point of the space. You could also choose something like Serge Mouille-inspired lighting piece. It looks mod and chic.


Shapely Furniture

One of the Parisian-inspired home trends to nail the style is to add shapely furniture like a French curved sofa or chaise lounge. Aside from they could give a Parisian vibe into your home, it’s also comfy to sit on!

Copy these Parisian-inspired home trends and make your space look très chic. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Bonne chance!

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