6 Pet-Friendly Décor Tips for Animal Lovers

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Turn your home into a purrfect sanctuary for your furry friends with these pet-friendly décor tips!

Living with dogs and cats have lots of positive effects on your mental and physical health, especially during this pandemic. They offer emotional support, and they’re your companion during uncertain times. However, as much as you love them, pets tend to destroy furniture and be messy. Yes, we’re talking about those flying furs everywhere.

Fortunately, these pet-friendly décor tips will help you design a tidy and stylish home that you and your furry friends will love.

Choose Performance-Fabric Upholstery

We know that you trained your furry buddy not to jump on the furniture, but we guess that you’re also aware that when you’re away, your dog ends up being on the couch or armchair. One of the pet-friendly décor tips experts advised is opting for stain-resistant, liquid-repellent fabrics to cover your furniture or washable slipcovers.

Cover Your Furniture With a Chic Blanket or Throw

One of the easiest pet-friendly decor tips is to toss a blanket over your furniture to protect it from your pet’s claws. Choose throws or blankets with the same color as your furry friend’s fur to hide stray fur.

Choose Low-Maintenance Rugs

Of course, accidents happen. Your cat or dog can have an upset tummy that will cause them to create a mess on your floor, so it’s best to opt for an easy-to-clean rug. You can choose natural-fiber rugs to protect your floor. Avoid rugs with fringe, especially if you have a playful cat or dog. We suggest that you place a rug pad beneath your area rug to prevent your dogs from skidding when they’re on zoomies mode. Plus, it adds protection to your precious floor.


Keep the Space Tidy & Organized

Keep your home tidy by storing your furry friend’s toys and necessities in a chic basket, such as a rattan basket or jute basket. Maybe you can even train your dogs to return their toys in the basket. Exciting, right?

Add Fragrance Diffusers

Don’t forget your home’s scent, especially if you have pets. Even if you always clean your home and bathe your dog every week, there’s a chance that the scent of your pets has infiltrated your home. Yes, it’s possible that you might not notice it because you’re used to it, but guests definitely will. We suggest that you add fragrance diffusers or scented candles before your visitors arrive. You can also add dried flowers in every area of your space.

Keep Your Breakables Out of Reach

One of our pet-friendly décor tips that will save your antique jar collection from getting shattered is to keep all breakables out of reach. Image, with just one swish of a tail, you’ll be saying goodbye to your figurines and catchall. Don’t get us started with cats. It’s best to opt for shelves with sliding doors to protect your breakables, crystals, and fine objects.

Try these pet-friendly décor tips at your home and create a harmonious living space for you and your favorite buddy. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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