10 Rental Décor Ideas That Won’t Risk Your Deposit

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These rental décor ideas will fill your rental apartment with personality and style without breaking the rental rules.

A home is a home, it doesn’t matter whether it is owned or rented. If you are renting, it doesn’t mean you need to settle for your landlord’s design style. You can make it your own and turn your rental apartment into a home with these cheap yet clever rental décor ideas. Yes, one of our goals is to minimize labor costs and invest in furniture and materials that you can take with you to your future home.

So make the most of every inch in your rental apartment and let your personality throughout every corner with these easy rental décor ideas.

Add Lots of Indoor Plants

Adding indoor plants can instantly make your rental apartment feel more homely and warm. Indoor plants can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they are a great way to breathe life into the space.

Change Up the Hardware

One of the cheapest and easiest rental décor ideas is to replace old handles of the cabinetry in your bathroom and kitchen with fancy new ones. It will only take you less than 10 minutes!

Create a Gallery Wall

Yes, indeed, a gallery wall doesn’t need to take up your entire wall, and Heidi Caillier Design proved it with a micro-mini gallery wall. Isn’t it cute?

Hang Curtains Instead of Blinds

Hide an ugly blind by hanging beautiful curtains! You can choose from either beautiful sheer drapes or thick textured blackout curtains.

Invest in the Perfect Furniture

When you are renting a space, there is always this glaring fact that you will eventually leave the apartment, so most renters won’t spend too much on decorating the space. However, experts suggest investing in furniture pieces that are durable and versatile. Plus, it should work in a variety of room shapes and sizes.

MYO Storage

One of the rental décor ideas to make your space feel clean and spacious is to use available wall space in your rental apartment by installing floating shelves or making your own (MYO) storage, such as a bookshelf.

Replace Your Shower Head

It’s true that replacing an old and ugly showerhead with a new one can instantly make your bathroom feel luxurious. Don’t throw away the old showerhead since you need to swap it back when you leave.

Update Your Lighting

You don’t need to settle for your landlord’s horrible fluorescents or outdated light fixtures. In fact, one of the rental décor ideas you can quickly do is to buy floor and table lamps for your bedroom and living space. You can also buy cheap and pretty DIY light fixtures.

Use Rugs

Use a beautiful large plush rug to add style to your rental apartment AND protect floors from spills and wear and tear.

Use Temporary Wallpaper

If you want a modern look, opt for clean and glossy peel-and-stick tiles in your bathroom and kitchen. Peel-and-stick subway tiles are one of the rental décor ideas to make your space look fresh and timeless.

Make a space your own with these cheap yet clever rental décor ideas. Make sure to ask your landlord for permission first before you create any changes.

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