Statement Lighting Trends in 2022, According to Etsy

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Showcase your personal style and add major sparkle to your home with these chic statement lighting trends in 2022.

Lighting can make your home both functional and beautiful. The right type of lighting can add style and charm to your space, from the entryway to the bathroom. As we continue our countdown to 2022, we’re super excited to share the statement lighting trends that will be huge in the new year.

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According to Etsy, many shoppers have been searching for statement lighting, like 70s lighting and decorative lighting. Think of mushroom-shaped pendants or mushroom-shaped lamps. Let’s not forget the popular colorful lighting and the comeback of vintage lighting.

Transform Your Space

Aside from statement lighting adding interest to your home, it can also transform any kind of space, such as brightening up a narrow entryway or creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. One of the statement lighting trends in 2022 is installing lighting that can transform your home, like eye-catching chandeliers, chic sconces, or funky lamps.

Statement Lighting Trends in 2022

Get Experimental

Another statement lighting trend in 2022 is don’t be afraid to try new styles and finishes, like pairing your blank walls with colorful lighting or blending a vintage chandelier in your modern space. Shopping for lights is your opportunity to explore and add depth and interest to your home by playing with the shapes, textures, and metals.

Go big and go bold this 2022 when choosing lighting for your home! But be sure to measure the space first to check if the lighting will fit perfectly.

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