Make the Most of Your Small Space With These 11 Smart and Stylish Studio Apartment Ideas

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Turn your teeny tiny space into a cozy and stylish home with these studio apartment ideas.

When we think of studio apartments, we immediately think of cramped quarters, dorm life, and a room the size of a shoebox. So most of the time, living in a studio apartment is tough. You need to transform a single room into a bedroomdining roomhome officekitchen, and living room without adding too much decor because you might end up living in a cluttered space. However, you also want to use every square inch to its full potential. Sounds complicated huh?

The key to make your studio apartment an enjoyable place to live is to keep only those you love. You should also select pieces that are double-duty to make it feel like a proper home where you can eat, entertain, sleep, and work. Concentrate on want you want from a home because once you think about it carefully, the studio apartment ideas you can do are endless!

That said, to help and show you how you can make your teeny tiny space feel bigger than ever, we’ve rounded up cozy and stylish studio apartment ideas that will transform the entire space.

Create a Mini Entryway

When you live in a small studio apartment, fitting in everything you need is a challenge, especially in a pint-sized entryway. However, even in a small studio apartment, there should be an area to welcome your guests. All it takes is a chic mirror, a couple of hooks for your bag and coat, a double-duty chair, and an umbrella holder. You can also install a floating shelf with a small catch-all for keys and mails.

Customize a Workspace

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have been working from home, so one of the studio apartment ideas is to carve a proper workspace where you can be productive and inspire you to work better. Scan your place, and if you see a vacant corner, transform it into your workspace by installing an inexpensive wood desk and a sleek and simple ergonomic home office chair for your back and neck.

Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture are big lifesavers in a small studio apartment. You can use the area as a dining table or as a workspace.

Go for Floating Furniture

One of the studio apartment ideas to save floor space is to use floating furniture, such as a floating bedside table for your books, plants, and phone.

Hang Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is the oldest design trick that will instantly make your space feel larger and lighter. Another trick is to position it in front of your window so that it will bounce the natural light throughout the space.

Loft Your Bed

When you live in a small studio apartment, you don’t have a lot of space to work with, so take advantage of your space’s height with a loft bed. This Finnish apartment, from Adalmina’s Secret, has a chic walk-in closet and a cozy loft bed. Pretty genius idea to maximize space.

Take Full Advantage of Architectural Quirks

Every square inch counts, so take full advantage of architectural quirks like this nook designed by Jae Joo from House Beautiful. She covered the radiator by the window with a pretty radiator cover, pendant light for tasks, and pillows.

Use a Single Paint Color

One of the studio apartment ideas to make the space look uniform is to use one paint color, preferably a bright shade like white. Then add décor in neutral colors to complement the space’s paint color.

Use All Available Wall Space

We have mentioned that every square inch counts when you live in a small studio apartment, so instead of adding bulky furniture, installing floating shelves or hanging shelves is one of the studio apartment ideas to add storage space and to display your home décor.

Use Glass as Divider

We prefer glass dividers rather than curtains because glass can reflect light which makes the space feel larger and lighter. However, if you don’t have the budget for a glass-paneled screen, hanging a curtain will also do the job to create privacy around the bed area. Opt for a translucent fabric so that light can still pass through.

Use Smart Storage

Of course, it’s a must-have to create storage space in a small studio apartment to keep everything organized. A cluttered studio apartment can feel smaller, so store your bedroom items and clothes underneath your bed. You can also utilize the space at the back of your front door for shoes and the bathroom door for bathroom essentials. If you have so much wall space, we suggest built-ins for books or kitchen tools.

You won’t ever feel claustrophobic again with these studio apartment ideas. Plus, your home will actually look like a grown-up’s home instead of a college dorm. Get your home squeaky clean faster and more efficiently this spring with no-fail spring cleaning tips according to the best design pros.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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