5 Easy Pro Tips to Add Japandi Style to Your Home

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Celebrate minimalism and focus on functionality with a mix of natural influences using these tips to add the Japandi style to your home.

Japandi style has been one of the rising interior styles ever since the pandemic started. It’s a delicate fusion of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality that creates a calm and simple home filled with art and nature. The Japandi style can both calm your brain and excite your soul. It’s one of the styles that combines clean lines, lots of negative space, neutral colors, soft lighting, and an infusion of natural influences, making a calming and warm ambiance. So how can you recreate the Japandi style to your home? Check out these tips!

Allow Natural Light to Flow

One of the tips to add the Japandi style is to allow natural light to flow into your home. Let your home’s pieces shine and promote a feeling of calm and spaciousness. Use low furniture, such as armchairs, beds, coffee tables, and low benches to make the space feel authentic, interesting, and visually open.

Keep It Natural

Use natural materials, especially sustainable materials. Bamboo & rattan, ceramics, iron, leather, marble, raw wood, and terracotta pots. Do not rush the process of decorating your home with the Japandi style. Remember, good design takes patience.

Keep the Items That Serve a Purpose

Keep your home simple by decluttering and only keeping the items that serve a purpose for the space. Japandi style emphasizes a minimalist style and lifestyle.

Less Is More

Three words: quality over quantity. Choose accessories and multi-functional pieces of furniture. Furniture pieces that are both practical and simple. Also, stick with clean lines.

Warm & Neutral Palette

Japandi style has a warm, neutral palette. Think beiges, creams, oatmeals, and stone colors. Make sure that the pieces of furniture will match your home’s palette.

Bring the gorgeous Japandi style to your home and create a space that blends cultures of Japanese and Scandinavian: artful, intentional, and sustainable.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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