6 Bookshelf Styling Tricks to Level Up Your Zoom Background

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Make Monday morning Zoom meetings much better with these must-try bookshelf styling tricks.

Since many of us have been working from home, we have given attention to how our home office or workspace would look like, especially in Zoom calls. Of course, one of the most popular backgrounds for Zoom meetings would be the aesthetically pleasing bookshelf of your coworker. Guess what? It’s pretty easy to do! Yes, it’s as simple as adding a few sculptural pieces, pots of houseplants, and stylish books that reflect your personality.

Habiba Koroma, principal of Biba K. Design, shares that one of the home office décor trends in 2021 will be designing walls that make you wow. She added that home office areas will be much more intentionally planned and considered, such as a super styled bookcase that reflects your style, values, and anything that brings you joy or tells a story.

Get inspired with these chic bookshelf styling tricks to help you step up your Zoom background! Susan from HR might get jealous.


Decorate With Objects You Picked Up on Your Travels

Decorate with all the beautiful pieces that you got from your adventures. They deserve to be on display. Let them tell the story of your life and your adventure. Plus, it will give your home office a chic and eclectic vibe.

Display Your Collection

Bookshelves aren’t only for books, but it’s also space where you can put your collection on display, like Mariam Naficy’s retro-inspired stand-up record player and vast record collection from Domino. The art ledges show off some of her favorite vinyl, giving the eye a place to pause.

Make It Double Duty

One of the bookshelf styling tricks that will save you space, especially for tiny home dwellers is to make it a double duty, like Glossier designer Laura Yeh’s Brooklyn apartment. Her bookshelf serves as a nifty workstation when a cabinet door folds down. It’s filled with craft supplies and storage boxes, too. Plus, it’s easy to pack up because she simply tucks away any desk supplies.

Show Off Your Plant Babies

Filling any empty spots with cute spiky succulents and trailing greens (such as Philodendron and Pothos) is one of the easiest bookshelf styling tricks. Use funky ceramic pots to add a bit of fun.

Showcase Your Art

One of our favorite bookshelf styling tricks that will really step up your Zoom background is displaying your art. Lean framed art and photographs. You can also layer multiple pieces, like a smaller piece in front of a larger framed art for a fresh take. Additionally, this layering style adds depth and dimension.

Wallpaper It

Yes, you read that right. Create a cool backdrop with a bold, high-contrast peel-and-stick wallpaper. Use prop stylist Olga Naiman’s tip: stick to the rule of three. For consistency, the color blue appears on the sofa, in her art, and on book covers.

Don’t forget to stand back and edit. This will help you see if your bookshelf looks bland or overcrowded. Do you need to move things around to make it look balanced? Do you need to lessen the decorative objects and create a little negative space to make it look better? You will spend a lot of time styling your bookshelf to make it look visually interesting, but trust us, it will be worth it!

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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