6 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter

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Say goodbye to cold, gray winter days because these ideas will positively help you brighten your home this winter.

The pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home, and as the temperatures continue to drop, people can expect to spend even more time at home. Yes, we know that it’s a complete bummer. Instead of enjoying the beautiful holiday decorations and snow outside with our family and friends, we will be staring at the same four walls this winter season. However, just because you can’t spend this season at your friend’s house or parent’s house, doesn’t mean you’re on your way to Doomsville.

Brighten your home this winter with these easy and effective ways. It’s much better to hibernate in style rather than to spend the entire season in despair.

Be Productive

Staring at the same four walls for months made us realize that one of the biggest culprits of a gloomy home is falling out of love with your décor or interior. Brighten your home this winter by starting a simple DIY project, such as experimenting with wallpaper or painting a new color in your space. Flex your DIY muscles and refresh your home.

Embrace Plant Parenthood

Aside from Poinsettias, there are winter indoor plants that can survive and thrive in this cold, snowy season. Plus, collecting indoor plants is a great way to help fight the seasonal affective disorder. They can improve air quality and reduce stress. If your home doesn’t get a lot of sun in the winter, you can choose low light indoor plants, such as Peace Lily or ZZ Plant.

Go for Sheer Curtains

One of the 2021 home décor trends is replacing blackout curtains with sheer curtains. Yes, blackout curtains are perfect for stubborn sleepers because it blocks outside light, but it can also make your home feel darker and gloomier, while sheer curtains can help brighten your home this winter. Sheer curtains have an airy style that can filter out ultra-bright rays and give you privacy. It can your bedroom feeling fresh, as well.


Incorporate Fragrances

Scents can make you feel good this winter season. Studies show that scents can positively change your mood, such as lavender can ease stress and help you sleep better. Candles are a great way to incorporate fragrances into your home, but you can also try making your own reed diffuser. Simply add a blend of baby oil and essential oil of your choice to a glass bottle, stir to mix oils, and stick in 5–8 reed diffuser sticks.

Set the Ambiance

Lighting indeed has the power to make or break your space. It can set the mood of your home, especially during this winter season. Lighting designers share adding lighting that can mimic natural light since it’s a surefire way to create a bright and welcoming home. Plus, it will help you feel more connected and more in-tune with nature. You can also brighten your home this winter by strategically placing mirrors in different areas of your home, like this layered mirrors. It’s easy and simple to do, but it makes a big style statement.

Tidy Up Your Space

A messy home can negatively affect your ability to stay focused, anxiety levels, and sleep habits. So if your space is covered in dirty clothes and dishes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some cleaning and decluttering. It’s also a good way to take care of your mental health. Plus, it gives you an excuse to shop for pretty storage bins.

Now that we’re going to spend even more time at home than usual, it’s important to make every inch of your space feel totally homey and warm. Brighten your home this winter with tips. Trust us, a few simple changes can make a huge difference. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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