Show Your Home Some Extra Love With These 5 Simple Ways

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It’s time to show your home some extra love and create a more cozy and warm space with these simple ideas!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, we’re all planning how to celebrate the special day with our family, friends, and loved ones. However, since we’re still all trapped inside our homes and celebration can only be done thru Zoom, why not show your home some extra love instead? Because that’s what we’re actually going to do on February 14.

Yes, show your home some appreciation and how you’re grateful to live in a cozy, warm space with these simple ways!

Create a Clear and Organized Space

Show your home some extra love by keeping it clear of clutter. Plus, you know what experts say… a cluttered space can negatively affect your mental health, which can lead to stress, and we don’t want stress this 2021, especially on Valentine’s Day. Organizing your home can be a simple as making your bed every morning, folding your clothes, and keeping the floor space and tables clear by getting storage baskets.

Bring Nature Indoors

Since we still can’t get out of the house, why not bring nature indoors by adding lots of different plants or starting your own mini veggie garden or kitchen herb garden? Trust us, plants don’t only clean indoor air, but they also help you destress, and improve your mental health.

Beautiful Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall in one of the most unexpected rooms in your home, such as your bathroom. Sometimes we forget that our bathroom, no matter its size, needs love and attention too! You can also create a gallery wall in your bedroom or home office with framed inspirational quotes and photos.

Let the Light in

Lift your mood and get some fresh air by opening your curtains windows. Spend some time under the sun, together with your plants. Show your home some extra love by letting the light in. You’ll feel how fresh and peaceful your home would be afterward.

Create a a Signature Scent

We love creating scents for our home from dried flowers or DIY reed diffuser. It doesn’t just make your home smell good, but it can also create good vibes.

Pretty simple ideas to show your home some extra love, right? We hope that you’ll have a Valentine’s Day full of cheer and love! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy Valentine’s!

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