Beat the Winter Blues With These 5 Simple Lighting Tricks

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Keep your home feeling warm and cozy with these winter lighting tricks.

As the daylight fades away during winter, many of us go automatically into hibernate. We can’t blame you, it’s the perfect season to rest, stay under the sheets, and turn into a human burrito. However, before you dive into your bed, you need a game plan to keep your home bright and warm throughout the cold season. And we’ve got the simple lighting tricks to help you lift your mood in the winter.

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Lighting Tricks

Add More Lights

The best solution to beat the blues this winter is to add more lights to your home, like adding table and floor lamps throughout the space. Swap out your old bulbs with brighter, energy-efficient ones.

Brighten Up Dark Corners

Chase away the gloom by brightening up dark corners with a table lamp or floor lamp.

Light-Up Candles

Candles will be your BFF during winter. Aside from candles instantly create a warm glow and a sense of coziness to the space, they’re also easy to move around. Candles can brighten up a dark corner and make the atmosphere feel nostalgic. Plus, there are flameless candles if you want a safer option.

Light Up the Dining Area

Amp up your dining room by installing higher-wattage bulbs in the sconces, chandelier, and overhead lights. Further, add a soft glow to your dining area with a table or desk lamp.

Maximize the Natural Light

Enjoy the natural light by using sheers on your windows during the daytime. By night, it’s best to cover up the windows with heavy curtains or shutters for privacy. Reflect the natural light in your home by hanging mirrors on walls.

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