Ali’s Cheerful Mid-Century Boho Home Tour

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Bright, fun, and spirited boho décor with the inviting and relaxing vibe of mid-century modern. Learn how to get the mid-century boho look with Ali’s home tour!

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Name: Ali McClannan
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Type of home: 5 Level Split Home, own
Size: 3,500 square feet
Bedrooms: 3 (We are currently in the process of turning our loft into a 4th bedroom)
Bathrooms: 3

It’s not too often you see mid-century modern and boho style all at once because it’s not easy to pull off all two opposite styles together without looking a little chaotic, but Ali’s mid-century boho home will certainly inspire you. Defining Ali’s home décor style really isn’t absolutely necessary, and it’s pretty obvious because her home’s style doesn’t really fit in one style box! In fact, she doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to decorating her home. As long as she loves a décor piece and it makes her heart sing, then she will positively add it to her home.

Ali and her husband Brett found their mutual love for all things home only a few months after dating. Since then, they have built and sold custom furniture, renovated their home, and constantly changed their décor to create fresh new spaces. Bold, warm colors and lush indoor plants are a huge part of Ali’s décor because they really bring in the eclectic bohemian design vibes.

We must confess that Ali’s main living space is our favorite! We love the black wall paired with the wooden media console. Plus, the classic chandelier and high ceiling create such a bright and warm vibe. The furnishings in Ali’s home definitely are a mix of bohemian and mid-century modern, which makes the space super cozy.

Part of the trick to Ali’s mid-century boho home is the repeated use of décor and materials. Plus, the palette stays mostly the same in all of the rooms. However, that’s not the secret to Ali’s cozy and welcoming abode. She shares to make your home special to you, no matter what stage in life you are. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see Ali and Brett’s home!

Tell us something about your home

We chose this home because of the location — we plopped ourselves right in between family. Three houses from my cousin and about ten houses from my sister! This neighborhood was extremely difficult to get into.

A little fun fact about the timing. We had just gotten engaged on vacation with my entire extended family. After vacation was over, Brett had to fly to California for work, and on my way home, I saw there was a house that was just listed. The minute we got home, my mom and I jumped in the car and drove over, and basically, I fell in love with the bones.

I gave Brett a FaceTime tour and described my vision for every room! Though as much as I’d like to say he was bought into my vision, I think it was more about the theatre in the basement. And just like that, we put an offer on our new home!

Tip: Combine boho décor with mid-century modern, such as macramé wall art and vintage jars or jugs on bookshelves or media table.

Describe your interior style

I find this question one of the most difficult ones because I don’t really fit in one style box! I appreciate elements from different styles and thus find myself choosing things based on what I’m drawn to rather than trying to stay in one style! I like elements of modern décor, mid-century, and even pieces of traditional!

Tip: No matter what indoor plants you are putting into your home, choosing the right planter plays an important role in beautifying the plants. Omysa’s Mid-Century Planter and Stand can create a chic and impressive look no matter where you put it. It goes along well with any color palette and interior décor style.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?

My favorite part of our home is probably our bedroom. One year ago, I could NEVER have said that. I disliked so many things in there and never put an effort into creating a space that was something I was proud of.

However, one day, we decided to build new bedroom furniture. From there, I had a vision of adding a faux concrete fireplace — which we tackled at the beginning of quarantine. Then the ripple effect was me taking a stab at reupholstering our bed frame, designing a feature wall, and LOTS of paint! Needless to say, it turned out pretty close to perfection in my book!

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

I have two. Our exterior is probably number one. The style is so far from what I would choose, but the location and interior far outweighed my distaste for the appearance outside!

The second would be our master bathroom — not because it is horrible, but it’s just so far from what could be. We did a bunch of DIY updates to hold us over until we really splurged. So while it’s not ugly, I just dream of what our perfect space could and hopefully will be someday!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Love Studio McGee, Chris loves Julia, and Jenna Sue Design, to name a few!

Tip: Paint your mid-century boho home with bold, warm hues, such as faded ochre, mustard, navy, and rust.

Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

Make your space, no matter what stage in life you are, your dream home. Find ways to transform spaces even on a budget! Go to thrift stores, search Facebook marketplace, etc. Don’t cut yourself short because you can’t afford the high-end stuff. Even on a limited budget, make your home special to you!

Get inspired and recreate Ali’s mid-century boho home by decorating your home with furniture and items you love. Don’t forget to have fun while decorating your space!

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Thanks, Ali!

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