A Bright & Cozy Mid-Century Modern House in Alberta

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An interior decorator, DIY enthusiast, and lifestyle blogger shares her mid-century modern house. The result is a cozy, open-concept home filled with plants and tons of natural light.

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Name: Megan McLeod
Location: Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Type of home: Home, owned
Size: 1,450 square feet
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Megan writes: “I have always loved to decorate and organize. I’ve started rearranging my bedroom furniture when I was 6 years old. I used to move the dresser and bookshelf around in the little bedroom I shared with my sister when we were growing up and would organize my parent’s pantry and kitchen just for fun. I definitely come by it honestly. LOL.

I think we can all 100% relate to 6-year-old Megan. Who didn’t dream of creating their dream bedroom with pink walls, fluffy pillows, and fairy lights that makes the whole space shine? As I got to know Megan through her blog (The Blush Home), which features her love for DIY projects, home & decor ideas, beauty, and travel, my excitement grew to see more of her home.

Every square inch of Megan’s home is organized and perfectly styled. It’s filled with plants, natural light, and the perfect mix of traditional decor & mid-century modern style. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always tidy though! Being a mom of two small kids, they also make messes like building forts and having toys all over the place. To conceal the “mess” and to keep everything organized, she installed a storage basket cabinet and fun tassel baskets in her kids’ bedroom.

Megan has successfully personalized some areas of her home, but she’s still on the process of improving the place, to make it comfortable and relaxing. Plus, to showcase all her beautiful plants and fresh blooms. The areas that are next on her DIY project & must-do list is their large backyard and walkout basement. “It’s all unfinished and very daunting, to be honest. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, and I want to try and do most of it ourselves (yikes!).”

So, if your goal is to live in a clutter-free, comfortable, and peaceful yet polished home where you can relax after a stressful day, then check out Megan’s mid-century modern house.

Tell us something about your home

We’re in a newer subdivision on the outskirts of the city. We love the location, and my husband is only a 2-minute drive from work. We knew we wanted a home here, however, when we were looking, there wasn’t much available at the time.

This home isn’t the ideal floor plan for our family, but the large backyard sealed the deal for us. There is so much potential. Plus, we have a walkout basement.

It’s all unfinished and very daunting, to be honest. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, and I want to try and do most of it ourselves (yikes!). However, both Kiel and I, look at it as we get to design a space that fits our family perfectly.

Tip: Create a mid-century modern house by shopping for decor and furniture at flea markets and vintage shops. This will give character to your home. Plus, it will make your space look unique and interesting.

Describe your interior style

This is a tough question for me. My style has evolved SO much in the past 5 years (sometimes, I look at old photos and wonder what I was thinking. LOL!) I would call my style cozy, mid-century modern traditional? I love neutral colors, minimal spaces, but with lots of texture and cozy layers.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?

My favorite part of our home is the large windows we have in the main living area and downstairs. We have an incredibly open concept home, so the windows wash almost the whole interior in natural light. It’s perfect because it’s winter here for around 7-8 months of the year, so having all that light in our home is so good for the soul.

Our basement is unfinished and not the most fun to be in, but it’s a walkout, so the big windows downstairs make it feel like a different space, and I don’t mind hanging out down there while the kids play.

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

The lack of storage! I’m a very organized person, and not having a dedicated linen closet, or a place to put the vacuum drives me crazy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Home decor magazines have always been a favorite. I also love browsing Pinterest. If I’m at an IKEA, I enjoy wandering through their showrooms, so much inspiration!

Tip: The key to achieving Megan’s style is to stick to a neutral palette. Yes, cover your walls in white paint or with an interesting white wallpaper in a graphic pattern.

Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

If you feel like something is missing in your home – add a plant! They bring life to a space. Plus, they clean the air. I also love switching out pillows covers for an easy and inexpensive update to our home.

What are your recommended places to shop?

I live in a smaller city, and there isn’t too much for home decor shops, so HomeSense is a favorite of mine, as well as thrift stores. I love thrifting! Simons, Article, and IKEA are a few other favorites.

Create a home where you can relax after a long day, just like Megan’s placemidmidd, by adding comfortable pillows and plants in every room. Designing your dream home is a long process, so don’t overthink it, and don’t rush it. Let your home reflect you and your personality over time.

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Thanks, Megan!

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