Tour This Kid-Friendly Bright Californian Home With the Perfect Mid-Century Modern Boho Style

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Jamie’s home has a gorgeous mid-century modern boho vibe: bright neutral palette, classic furniture pieces, and lots of houseplants that all add up to a balanced, chic, and kid-friendly space.

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Name: Jamie Yang
Location: California
Type of home: House, own
Size: 2,640 square feet
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3

Authenticity, charm, and personality take time to cultivate in a home’s style. Empty spaces, walls, and windows transform detail by detail over time into a reflection of the people who live there. Rearranging, redesigning, and repainting are some of the changes we did over the years to turn a house into a cozy and warm home. Today’s Omysa home tour perfectly describes a well-designed mid-century modern boho home filled with classic pieces, rich tones, textures, and of course, motherly love.

Jamie Yang, boy mama of two, and her husband fell in love immediately when they saw this California home. The great location and open layout made this an ideal space for the couple and their babies. Jamie spent a lot of time turning every room into something special and unique that really feels like her style and a space where her kids can enjoy.

Personal charm is everywhere in this mid-century modern boho space. The unexpected pairing of mid-century furniture with boho colors, pieces, and textures creates an interesting and visually pleasing space that balances classic and cozy. At the same time, Jamie’s home feels clean and organized even though she has two little boys. Let’s all step inside Jamie’s home that’s full of her style and charm.


Tell us something about your home

Hubs and I fell in love immediately when we saw this home. We were newly engaged and knew we wanted to bring our babies here to raise them.

Tip: One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is dealing with your children’s toys, but Jamie made it look so easy and stylish with her mid-century cube organizer. It perfectly blends well with her home’s style.

Build a bookcase for your kid’s toys, and keep everything in chic baskets or boxes. You can also build your shelves low enough to put more organizational bins on top, or you can also make a bench on top. As your kids grow, they can replace the baskets of toys with books.

Describe your interior style

Mid-Century Modern Boho.

Tip: To bring this style to life, focus on combining classic and natural furniture pieces with a touch of texture, such as cozy blankets and lots of indoor plants.


What is your favorite part of your home and why?

Open kitchen because we can cook and also Hang out in our living room.

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

The entryway into the home because there’s no natural lighting.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get it from all sorts of things, friends, and people I follow on IG and Pinterest.


Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

Don’t get even number of things! Odd number is better for styling.

Tip: Display your indoor plants and enliven your home’s corner with Omysa’s Round Planter. It’s durable and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to move around. This modern, stylish indoor/outdoor planter may be just what you need to brighten up dull corners and to add a cozy, natural feel to your home.


What are your recommended places to shop?

West Elm, All Modern, Target, IKEA, and CB2.

We all love the way Jamie’s mid-century modern boho home reflects her personality and her family’s lifestyle. Every area of her home is filled with little personal details that she carefully curated. It takes a long, long process transforming a house into a home, but don’t fret because, in the end, it will be a space you are truly comfortable in and proud of. What do you all think of Jamie’s mid-century modern boho home?

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Thanks, Jamie!

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