Minimalist Modern Farmhouse Vibes in a Vintage Home in Ontario

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This light, serene, and simple 1974 minimalist modern farmhouse home is a dream come true for Carly.

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Name: Carly Kittel
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Type of home: House, owned
Size: 2,000 square feet
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3

It was “love” and “wow” at first sight that made Carly’s current home to be their forever home. Carly has an incredible talent to see the potential for a space and then make it come to life. So when the couple discovered this property, they were immediately sold to create their very own dream home. Her love for country interiors and home inspiration from Instagram helped her create this light and cozy minimalist modern farmhouse home in the charming town of Ontario.

The home is simple — no fuss, no mess, just simple, soft, and light surroundings. Carly’s careful attention to detail and natural light made the space look well-proportioned, light, and airy. They are still renovating the space to create their dream home, but Carly’s happy because it’s just how they want it, and they really love living here.

This all-white home has become a blank canvas for Carly to design with elements she finds appealing. It’s a very special home that’s made with heart and showing off Carly’s modest personality. You can check out more of Carly’s home renovation on her Instagram page.

Let’s check out more of Carly’s modern farmhouse home.


Tell us something about your home

This is our second home, and we choose it as our forever home with the intention to completely renovate it to create our dream home. It sits on about 1/2 acre total with a private backyard, which was a selling point for us.

It consists of 4 bedrooms and 1 in the basement, which is on the list of things to renovate (eventually!). We keep a simple design and painted the whole house white, which seems crazy to some as we have a two-year-old!

We are only the second owners of this house as we bought it from the original owner who had been living here since the year 1974!


Describe your interior style

I think my interior style is modern farmhouse.

TIP: Create a modern farmhouse home by sticking to organic and natural materials. Think natural wood and linen. Add organic and handcrafted items to decorate your home.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?

My favorite part of our home is the main level. The house is a side split, so being on the main level, you can see upstairs, downstairs, and backyard.

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

The least favorite part is our entryway, as it is small. We have a closet, which is great for storing coats and shoes but not big enough for a bench to assist with getting ready or place things on!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from Instagram.

Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

White makes the space look bigger!

TIP: Use a neutral palette to achieve a bright and clean minimalist style.


Indeed, white always wins to achieve a bright and cozy home, just like Carly’s. Focus on adding quality and unique items that will transform the space into your dream home. Also, decorate with feeling and take your time. It will surely take you some months or even a year to renovate your place, but you will likely have fewer regrets in the end.

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