A Beautiful Organic Modern Home Tour in Michigan

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Let’s step inside Simply Modern Living’s warm and welcoming organic modern home. It feels like a hidden treasure filled with clean lines and natural light.

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Name: Jessica Lombardi
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Type of home: House
Size: 3,000 square feet
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 4

Jessica Lombardi, the content creator behind Simply Modern Living, shares her 3,000 square feet cozy organic modern abode in Michigan. Her gorgeous home, painted in a sort of eggshell color, goes perfectly well with the clean lines, organic and tactilely appealing home décor, such as plants and wood. As a result, an earthy and organic modern space that reflects her personality and style.

Jessica is well-known on Instagram for DIY projects that her followers can easily replicate at home. Apart from being a fearless DIYer, she also loves styling consoles and shelves, which is pretty obvious on her Instagram page. One thing we noticed about Jessica’s home is you can easily swap pieces in and out to keep the home’s look feeling fresh. Overall, her home feels cohesive and connected, something we all want to achieve in our space.

Let’s all take a look at Jessica’s dreamy organic modern home tour. P.S. We won’t be surprised if you bring the look into your own spaces.

Tell us something about your home

We found the perfect spot to build our bright modern house in 2016 and have been making it our home ever since!

Describe your interior style

I would say I am an Organic Modern fan!

Tip: According to Modsy, the key element to creating a warm and welcoming organic modern home is to think industrial but softer, such as incorporating pieces that have unique curvy silhouettes. Choose crisp fabrics, earthy woods, and furniture pieces that emphasize a streamlined look. It’s best if you can minimize the visual impact of your designs to allow the organic elements to shine.

What is your favorite part of your home and why?

The windows and location! Perfect setting for our modern abode!

What is your least favorite part of your home and why?

Oh basement – it has no windows!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Being outside! I also love scrolling the Design Within Reach catalog.

Tip: Organic modern has a strong earth tone palette, so incorporate ceramics, leather, rattan, stone, and warm woods into the space to complete the look.

Dream home design advice/tips you want to share?

Minimal decor – simple and organized!

Jessica’s organic modern home proved that a warm yet minimal space can still look approachable and a perfect place to create beautiful memories with family and friends.

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Thanks, Jessica!

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